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Succession of Putin’s Daughters

All together at the International Economic Forum!

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Maria Vorontsova (39), eldest daughter, stated at an economic forum, “Education in biotechnology should start early.” In an interview earlier this January, she emphasized the importance for Russia of “valuing life,” “cherishing art and culture,” and “prioritizing communication.”

A seismic event occurred at the International Economic Forum held in St. Petersburg, Russia from June 5th to 8th.


President Putin (71)’s eldest daughter, Maria Vorontsova (39), and his second daughter, Katerina Tikhonova (37), both appeared in person and online, causing a stir. 

“Due to security concerns, it has been extremely rare for these two to step into the spotlight. One could say their existence has been hidden. Their recent appearances, identified as daughters of President Putin, likely reflect concerns about whether he can maintain immense power in the medium to long term. It seems they’re considering what will happen to the family after he’s gone. I believe they’ve decided it’s prudent to elevate their daughters to public figures now and ensure they have adequate security.” (Shinji Hyodo, Research Director at the Defense Research Institute)

President Putin has not officially recognized these two individuals as his daughters, and their backgrounds remain enigmatic. Professor Itsuro Nakamura, an expert in Russian politics from Tsukuba University, provides an analysis.

“Ms. Vorontsova is a biologist who leads a government genetics research institute. She manages 33 hospitals and appears to profit significantly from war-related demands. Her annual income is reportedly around 1.9 billion yen in Japanese currency.” 

Keio University professor and international political scientist Yoko Hirose questions Ms. Tikhonova’s career path.

“She was originally known as a dancer in the sport of acrobatic rock ‘n’ roll. At the forum, she was introduced as the head of a state-owned foundation in the technology sector. In 2019, she received a doctoral degree related to balance sense from Moscow State University. However, there are many doubts about her research abilities, and there’s a prevalent impression that titles are bestowed regardless of actual competence.”

Interestingly, it’s been revealed that two of their cousins also appeared at the economic forum. Professor Nakamura previously described this as the “unveiling of the Putin dynasty.”

“As President Putin, who will be 77 by the end of his current term, considers advancing generational change, it’s likely his eldest daughter could become his successor. Putin idealizes Empress Catherine II, who transformed Russia into a powerful nation. Many Russians also anticipate a female leader at the helm of the country.”


On the other hand, Professor Hirose believes, “President Putin favors his second daughter, and there are rumors that he might choose her as his successor from among his children.” Neither daughter currently holds a key government position, so an immediate succession seems unlikely, but the possibility is being explored.


“At present, the eldest daughter is emphasizing transparency, while the second daughter is involved in the defense industry, possibly taking on less savory roles. It’s conceivable they will manage national affairs together, each playing distinct roles. The birth of a female emperor could be a favorable card to break through the prevailing sense of stagnation gripping the country amid the war with Ukraine.”(Professor Nakamura)


President Putin has long feared rebellion above all else. Through dynastic succession to his daughters, could he solidify the family’s power base and bolster national prestige?

At the forum, Katerina Tikhonova (37), the second daughter, delivered an online speech emphasizing the need for cooperation among businesses, production sites, and the government to overcome Western economic sanctions.
In April 2014, Katerina Tikhonova participated in the World Championship of Acrobatic Rock ‘n’ Roll held in Poland, showcasing her dancing skills.
This is a photo of President Putin holding his daughter during his younger days. They are believed to be children born to him and his then-wife Lyudmila, who divorced in 2013.

From the June 28, 2024 issue of FRIDAY

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