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Yoshimoto Holds On to Frosty Star Trio Despite Unrestrained Behavior

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Shimofuri Myojo Arapin doesn’t hesitate to ‘bite’ even senior entertainers like Miyasako Hiroyuki (left) and Kimura Takuya.

“Even Yoshimoto seems to struggle with handling him.”

“Unstoppable” is the current state of Atsushi Tamura from the comedy duo Shimofuri Myojo.

Atsushi Tamura from Shimofuri Myojo mocks former Amagami Kesshitai member Hiroyuki Miyasako, jokes about former SMAP member Kimura Takuya’s height, and provokes King & Prince members Nagase Ren and Takahashi Kaito,  actions perhaps only he can get away with in Japan’s entertainment industry.

On June 13th, Tamura appeared on Seiji Chihara’s YouTube channel ‘Seijin Toko’ to explain his reasons for verbally attacking Miyasako.”

“It seems like there’s lingering resentment from the ‘dark business’ issue back then.”

Let me start by saying

“I missed out on about two commercials. I lost my job.”

He confessed. As for Kimura Takuya.

“He said that Kimura Takuya ignored his greetings and was really small. Not many people say that, so he felt like he found a good trick. That’s Kimura Takuya.”

And he had a triumphant expression.

Sanma Akashiya, a senior comedian, criticized such comments, talking on his own radio show about the clash with Miyasako

“If they really did it, our generation wouldn’t be able to imagine it in the entertainment industry.”

And that’s that.

“The junior insulting the senior. In the world of comedy, there’s a senior-junior hierarchy. It’s vertical, you see. That’s why speaking like that to a senior is actually a mistake.”

He admonished. 

Even within Yoshimoto, they are troubled about how to handle Sosina. According to a sports newspaper reporter who is familiar with the situation.

“They can’t completely control him. Sosina is very good at self-promotion and has absolute confidence. Managers and others can’t just tell him what to do. It’s understandable if some people think he’s becoming overconfident.”

That’s right.

That’s why some media outlets mentioned the word ‘fired,’ but the reality is different.

“Sosina, who won both the M-1 and R-1, was considered exceptional from the start, to the point where people were saying, ‘Yoshimoto has got an incredible talent.’ There’s no way Yoshimoto would let go of such a person.”

This is firmly stated by a former Yoshimoto employee. One Yoshimoto executive even declared, after seeing the M-1 champion duo, Shimofuri Myojo,

“With this, Yoshimoto is secure for the next 30 years.”

That’s how strongly they asserted it. 

Speaking of Sosina, he is known for his love of gambling, and on YouTube.

“Mr. Negative 3 Billion Yen Lifetime Budget (Mr. 3B Yen)”

He calls himself “Mr. Negative 3 Billion Yen Lifetime Budget (Mr. 3B Yen).” He has been borrowing money repeatedly from “Yoshimoto Finance,” and you can confirm this situation in videos.

“Borrowing from Yoshimoto is serious. However, Yoshimoto does not lend unconditionally to all poor comedians. For example, during their early struggling days, Chidori’s Daisuke borrowed a considerable amount, as you can see now. Yoshimoto lends to Rough Estimates because they are confident that “they will be able to recover it sufficiently later.” (same source)

According to the above, Sanma’s criticism also recognizes the talent of Rough Estimates, so it’s said that “it’s a ‘whip of love’ that should not be a ‘dish art’ to take a laugh.

Comedy industry people.

“From an outside perspective, Rough Estimates may seem to speak freely, but he shows humility and good manners towards senior comedians. He’s even well-liked by Yoshimoto’s veteran, Nakata Kaus.

He doesn’t show a haughty attitude towards junior comedians; instead, he sometimes encourages them with ideas like, ‘This would be funny if you did it like this.’ He just wants to do comedy that no one has seen before; deep down, he’s a genuinely pure guy.”

And follow up with this sentiment.

However, there are criticisms swirling around Rough Estimates such as going too far and being rude on the internet and elsewhere. It’s fascinating to see how he’ll turn this around into comedy.

In June 2023, comedian Atsuhiko Nakata of the comedy duo Shimojirimenstar appeared at the opening ceremony of “FENDER FLAGSHIP TOKYO,” the world’s first flagship store of the American instrument manufacturer Fender.
  • PHOTO Yasuko Sakaguchi (Miyasako) and Shu Nishihara (Koshina)

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