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Eiko Kano Ignores Fans After Performance

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After finishing his stage performance, Eiko Kano emerged from the backstage exit. Why did he look so gloomy?

A man emerged from the theater’s backstage exit, head bowed.

“Mr. Kano!”

Called by a female fan, Eiko Kano (42) briefly glanced in her direction before swiftly departing the scene. 

Eiko Kano appeared in the stage production “Navillera – Yet the Butterfly Dances-” at Theatre Crea (Hibiya, Tokyo) until June 8th. During the pre-general rehearsal press conference held the day before the premiere, he was asked about his first experience in a musical.

“It’s challenging to keep up with this cast (Hiroki Miura, Jihide Kabira,, Mayumi Oka). I’m cautiously exploring and trying not to cause any trouble.”


His co-stars praised Kano’s singing, guitar playing, and acting. Kabira commented, “It’s moving, and it’s dangerous every time.” Far from causing trouble, Kano has received positive evaluations as a stage actor.


“On July 3rd, he’s scheduled for a one-day-only live event titled ’50TA 15th Anniversary Commemorative Last Gasp? Complete Combustion Live.’ 50TA originally emerged as a character from the prank segment on ‘London Hearts’ (TV Asahi), so there might be various surprises planned for Kano leading up to and during the event.” (magazine writer) 

On this day, Eiko Kano ignored calls from fans and quickly disappeared into the crowd when one called out, “Eh!? Mr. Kano?” This puzzling behavior might suggest he was afraid of being pranked.

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Eiko Kano walking with his head bowed, covering his face.
Eiko Kano walking with his hands in his pockets, without even looking towards the fans.
Eiko Kano disappeared into the crowd with a tense and cautious atmosphere, perhaps wary of being pranked.

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