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Smartphone Resale Group Infighting Leads to Assault and Detainment

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Members of the arrested smartphone resale group

“Show us everything you have. If you don’t, we’ll kill you.”

According to reports, the men threatened the members of the same fraud group they had kidnapped with these words. 

On June 11th, the Ikebukuro Police Station of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department arrested three men, including suspect Yoshinari Tanaka (22), from Kyotanabe City, Kyoto Prefecture, on suspicion of robbery resulting in injury and confinement. A photographer from a magazine captured the scene as Tanaka was sent for questioning, looking dejected as he boarded the transfer vehicle.

“The incident leading to Tanaka’s arrest occurred early last year, on December 29th, in the early hours. Tanaka and his accomplices allegedly confined a man in his twenties, referred to as ‘Mr. A’, in a hotel room in Ikebukuro, Toshima Ward, from just after midnight until around 3 a.m. They reportedly threatened him, demanding ‘Show us everything you have,’ and proceeded to steal items including a bag worth about 660,000 yen and approximately 7,000 yen in cash.

Mr. A was reportedly subjected to violence, including being threatened with a stun gun, punched in the face with a shoe horn, and further assaulted with punches and kicks, resulting in severe injuries including lumbar spine contusions. Tanaka and his associates deny the allegations.”  (journalist)

White-collar crime

The three suspects who were arrested and Mr. A are believed to be members of a fraud group that purchases smartphones to resell at high prices. Disputes over sales proceeds reportedly led to a confrontation between the suspects and Mr. A. Allegedly, they became enraged, kidnapped Mr. A, and assaulted him.


“It appears to be a conflict within the fraud group. Tanaka and the suspects recruited part-time workers through social media to buy smartphones. They posted messages like ‘Part-time job just shopping with seniors’ and ‘White-collar job.’ Those involved in the crime reportedly knew each other mostly by nicknames and were often meeting for the first time.


Of course, engaging in fraudulent activities through these part-time jobs is criminal. It’s difficult to leave the group once you get involved, and applicants are sometimes asked to send photos of their faces and IDs like driver’s licenses. If they send these images, they may receive messages like ‘You’ll face serious consequences if you try to escape.’ Incidents like Mr. A’s kidnapping and assault over sales proceeds are unfortunately common.” (the source added)


Police suspect there may be higher-ranking figures orchestrating such incidents and are continuing their investigation into the kidnapping and assault case involving Mr. A.

The trouble within the group might have been the cause (photo has been partially edited).
They confined members in a hotel room (photo has been partially edited).
They recruited for “white-collar jobs” and illicit part-time work (photo has been partially edited).
There have been frequent issues in illicit part-time work (photo has been partially edited).
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