One-on-One Lessons with a Handsome Instructor as Ai Kago Visits a Famous Golf Practice Range, Repeatedly Hitting Spectacular Shots in the Evening | FRIDAY DIGITAL

One-on-One Lessons with a Handsome Instructor as Ai Kago Visits a Famous Golf Practice Range, Repeatedly Hitting Spectacular Shots in the Evening

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Kago carefully chooses a club. She often uploads pictures of herself enjoying golf on social media.

“Nice shot!”

In the early evening of early May, at a famous golf practice range boasting one of the largest areas in Tokyo, there was a couple who appeared to be very close. Smiling and experimenting with the coaching from the man was former ‘Morning Musume’ member Ai Kago (36).

On this day, Kago was wearing a see-through khaki top, white pants, and a black cap. She was enthusiastically swinging her club while receiving instruction from the man who was with her.

“The man who was with Kago looked like he was around the same age as her and had a ruggedly handsome appearance. Kago asked him questions like, ‘How should I open up my body to increase the distance of my shots?’ while earnestly practicing. The two of them had a very close atmosphere, and there were moments when they gazed at each other during breaks in their conversation. It seemed like they had a pretty intimate relationship. After 6 PM, they left the practice range together in a friendly manner.” (a customer who was there)

Speaking of Kago, it was reported in the June 11th issue of the weekly magazine ‘FLASH’ that she showed up for work at a high-end lounge in Roppongi wearing pin heels and a white mini skirt. According to the article, Kago works at the lounge irregularly, and it claimed she had transitioned into a “nightlife worker.” However, shortly after, Kago herself responded to an interview with Shueisha Online, revealing that she was helping out at her sister-in-law’s restaurant, thus denying the report. These have been quite hectic days for her.

“Last year, Kago also made headlines when the weekly magazine ‘FLASH’ reported that she had traveled to Korea with an executive from the designated crime syndicate, Inagawa-kai. Additionally, in her personal life, her husband, whom she remarried in 2016, has been undergoing medication treatment for health issues since last year, leaving her to handle most of the childcare on her own. In a YouTube video she released on May 20th, she said, ‘When I was feeling down due to the article, my husband’s illness was discovered, and I was hit doubly hard.’ Kago has been experiencing both physical and mental stress, so practicing golf with her companions must have been a good way to relieve some of that stress.” (an entertainment agency insider)

As she left the driving range, Kago had a bright expression on her face. It must have been a good break from the accumulated stress of her daily life.

Kago practicing diligently. She repeatedly hit nice shots, beaming smiles at the handsome man.
After enjoying the driving range until around 6 PM, the two of them left the practice range together.

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