Rino Morosawa, new president of “Coco Ich” franchise, makes an impassioned speech! I’m not the chairman’s mistress (laughs). | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Rino Morosawa, new president of “Coco Ich” franchise, makes an impassioned speech! I’m not the chairman’s mistress (laughs).

It's already been a month since she took office! The top manager of the 25 "Curry House CoCo Ichibanya" restaurants still commutes by train to work and stands in front of the stores.

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Rino Morosawa was born in Akita Prefecture in 2001. In the seven years since she was a first-year high school student, she has eaten CoCo Ichi’s curry, and her top recommendation is the pork shabu curry topped with deliciously spicy garlic and mayonnaise. After the interview, he ate it up with relish.

The response on social media has been terrible, hasn’t it? It seems people are writing things like, ‘You’re a decorated president. But even when I see it, I’m surprised that I don’t feel anything about it. I don’t think it’s worth worrying about what people who haven’t joined the company and don’t know anything about it are saying.

Ms. Rino Morosawa, who has been appointed president of Skyscraper Corporation, speaks with a firmness that is hard to believe for a 22-year-old.

On May 1, Morosawa made headlines when she was selected from a part-time position to become president in an “unprecedented move.

One month after his appointment, Mr. Morosawa was interviewed at a store in Tokyo before its opening. After speaking about the reaction of the people around him as described at the beginning of this article, he answered about his job description with a smile. (All statements in parentheses below are by Mr. Morosawa.)

Thanks to you, I am busy every day. My daily schedule varies from day to day, but I basically stand in the store every day while conducting regular meetings. I don’t have a specific store in mind, but rather focus on stores with sluggish performance or stores with new staff. I am still learning about management. Daisuke Nishimaki (54), the chairman of the company, will be supporting me for the next three years, so we are working together to plan store openings and learn how to make profits.

He still commutes from his parents’ home to Tokyo, an hour and a half by train, because he believes that a change in living environment can have a negative impact on his health and mental health. He says it is hard for him to take time off, but he enjoys the daily growth of his business. When asked if there are any hardships, Morosawa replied, “Not at all. If I were to use our curry as an example, I would say that the hardest thing for me is “0” (kara),” he said with a smile. On the other hand, when asked what he is not good at, he gave a surprising answer.

I’m actually not good at dealing with the media. I was nervous when I heard it was Friday again today (laughs). The first time I appeared on TV, I couldn’t make any good comments, and I cried afterwards because of my disappointment. I am not particularly good with male reporters, so I even did a mock interview with a male executive director. I hope I did well today.”

I was impressed by the way he took every opportunity to talk with the staff preparing for the opening of the store between interviews. When asked, he said he had already learned the names and faces of 90% of the employees.

He said, “You can’t understand everyone unless you are in the field. I think it is the best thing I can do,” he said.

I am an old man inside.

Mr. Morosawa began working at CoCo Ich when he was in his first year of high school. He started working part-time with a friend at a nearby restaurant. After graduating from high school, he continued to work at the store without going on to higher education, and at the age of 20, he became the youngest person to be selected as a “customer service specialist,” of which there were only 15 at that time in the “CoCo Ich” network of more than 1,000 stores nationwide. Later, Chairman Nishimaki approached him about becoming the first president of the company, saying, “I want someone who loves working in the field and loves the company to take over.

It was a big jump from a part-time job, but what is of interest is how he will use his first salary.

I don’t know how much because I haven’t received it yet, but I’m a big beer drinker, so I’m thinking of going out for a drink by myself. I’m a big beer drinker, so I’m thinking of going out drinking alone. Of course, I plan to repay my parents.”

I think people my age are busy playing and falling in love, but he is not so sure about that.

I’m not sure. I don’t have a girlfriend right now! (Laughs.) I have always liked older people. My type of celebrities are Hiroshi Tachi and Hiroyuki Sanada. My favorite drama is “High School Teacher” (TBS). Of course, I also go to see the movie “Abunai Keisatsu (Detective Abu Nazinai),” which is currently in theaters. Inside, I am a bit like an old man.
But if I say I like older people, people will write on SNS that I am the chairman’s mistress, won’t they? Of course, I am not a mistress! Please be clear about that.

He is indeed a professional customer service representative who cheerfully answers even the most sensitive questions. He said that his offer to become president was an instant decision, but we asked him to reflect on his decision.

I don’t regret becoming president at all. I want to continue to work hard with everyone and improve my customer service skills. After that, I hope to gradually increase the number of stores.

The new president will continue to stand at the storefront and take the initiative in leading the company from the front line.

She was interviewed in plain clothes, wearing a sheer black blouse and white pants. She was dressed in a transparent black blouse and white pants, and smiled, “I can’t get used to this, no matter how many times I’ve been asked.
Rino Morosawa, new president of “Coco Ich” franchise, speaks out! I’m not the chairman’s mistress (laughs).
Rino Morosawa, the new president of the Coco Ichiba franchise, makes an impassioned speech! I’m not the chairman’s mistress (laughs).

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