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The Rise of Young Female Authors in the World of 18-Prohibited Bishojo Manga

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Tamanoi Woman. She is actively updating her work announcements and diary-like illustrations on various SNS. Readers who want to know about her daily life and hobbies should check her out!

In the past few years, female creators in the adult entertainment industry have been very active. It is now “normal” for a company that handles adult products to have a female PR person, and the number of women working in the planning and production fields is increasing.

And this trend is spreading to the world of manga as well, where young female manga artists are making inroads.

One of the most active is Tamanoi Peromekuri, a young female author. She continues to produce works that stimulate the lower half of men’s bodies in a variety of fields, including doujinshi, commercial work, and illustrations for boxes of adult goods, and she has more than 100,000 followers on X. We asked her about her work. We interviewed the artist himself.

–What kind of person is Tamanoi Peromekuri-sensei?

Good morning, hello, good evening! I draw erotic manga and erotic pictures. I am good at hard eroticism. I’m trying my best to create erotic works.

–What do you mean by “hard erotica”?

It is my interpretation, but it is not something that is painful, but something that I draw with the image that “because it is manga, this kind of expression is possible. It’s not something that is painful, but something that is depicted in a way that is “manga, so this is the way it should be expressed. For example, it would be impossible to make a woman cum for 24 hours straight in real life, but in manga, it can be done in an erotic way, can’t it? I like “bondage,” and I wonder if it might have something to do with the fact that I recently found a porno that my father had hidden away at ……, and it was all SM stuff with bondage. Sometimes I wonder if it has something to do with that (laughs).”

–What is the reaction of people around you to a young woman working in the erotic field?

People I meet after reading my manga are always surprised to hear that I’m a woman. They are always surprised.

–What is the origin of your distinctive pen name?

I draw erotica, so I hope people know at first glance that I draw erotica. I hope people can tell at first glance that I draw erotica. But I didn’t want it to be direct, I wanted it to be somehow erotic.

–What kind of work have you been doing lately?

What kind of work have you been doing recently? “Cover art for comic magazines sold in convenience stores and packages for adult products. Last year, they made a special package for a masturbatorium using my illustration, and I also drew illustrations for the catalogs of the 2021 and 2023 Winter Comic Markets. I like both commercial work, which can be seen by many different people, and doujinshi, which allows me to express myself as I want to.

The cover and some of his work for doujinshi, which is mostly for 18-rated magazines, but he also likes general magazines and retro games, so “I’d like to work drawing those kinds of pictures, too” (Tamanoi).

–How did you come to draw 18-can manga?

I have loved manga since I was a child. Even now, I have tens of thousands of them at home. I also like erotica, so I wanted to see erotic pictures in manga, and I started to draw them myself. So, when I was uploading erotic pictures on SNS, I was approached by a publisher and began commercial activities. I also like pornography, but I guess I draw 2-D pictures because they are more moe. I’m not obsessed with being a manga artist, but I just think it’s nice to draw something exhilarating and erotic.

His work environment is fully digital Windows. He built his own PC with a high spec Ryzen 3700X and 128 gigs of memory, but “I’m afraid it’s not enough (laughs).

–What made you fall in love with eroticism in the first place?

Eroticism is the root of life, isn’t it? Eroticism is found in many aspects of everyday life, isn’t it? The curves of a vase, an old sculpture, or even a Coke bottle can be erotic. I like that kind of thing, and I like drawing and comics, so I guess that’s why I became an erotic manga artist.

He has two cats, the names of which are a secret. He says they are so important to him that he “thinks only about kitten and eroticism” and “can’t draw manga without them.

–Is he keeping it a secret from those around him?

I have friends, both those who know and those who don’t. My family has been in touch with me for some time now, and they are very interested in my work. My family found out a few years ago when they misdelivered a sample magazine (laughs). Since then, I draw with their support. ……”

–Until the Heisei era, there were very few female manga artists who drew 18 bishojo manga for men, and it seemed that there were only one or two per bishojo manga magazine. What about now in Reiwa?

I started my commercial activities five or six years ago. I don’t have that long of a career, so I don’t know about the past, but at trade shows like Comiket, for example, women artists often gather in one area, and there are also a lot of them at publishers’ drinking parties. It’s not like it’s all men.

–What are some of the problems that women face when drawing 18-rated manga for men?

What are some of the problems that women face when drawing 18-rated manga for men? For example, when I draw a composition of a man looking down at his own penis, I don’t know if my drawing is correct or not. I think it is a false image (laughs). On the other hand, when I draw a sailor suit or an outfit, I can put it on myself. I know a lot about women’s bodies.”

–Is there anything that you have been paying attention to recently?

V-tubers have become my “companion” when I draw. I draw while listening to Korone Inugami, Patra Suo, Kson, Nekomoto Pato, Regursh Lionheart, and others. Also, I am currently addicted to mofusand, a brand of goods featuring cute cat characters.

–What do you want to do in the future?

I have already done quite a few things I want to do, so I may want to do something new. Anyway, I’m interested in anything, regardless of genre, as long as it’s interesting. I’d be very happy if you tell me at X or at an exhibition.

For me, a report of a sexual intercourse is like saying, “Please allow me to greet the chef” when you eat a delicious meal at a restaurant. To me, it is the same as saying, “I’m out,” when you have had a delicious meal at a restaurant. So, if you would like, please take a look at the guide to my drawings on X and the official website, and if you pull it off, please give me a shiko report. I will be very pleased.”

Although it would have been unthinkable a decade ago, Reiwa is now attracting new talent in a variety of genres, regardless of gender. Readers who have not read male-oriented 18 bishojo manga for a while should definitely pick up a copy. You will feel the change of the times.

Tamanoi’s two beloved cats “sleeping with heart marks. This is one of my favorite pictures of Tamanoi’s two beloved cats.
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