A woman who spent 10 million yen for plastic surgery to “erase her parents’ genes” and earn money at a brothel told her story of her upbringing. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A woman who spent 10 million yen for plastic surgery to “erase her parents’ genes” and earn money at a brothel told her story of her upbringing.

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Ms. R., who agreed to be interviewed for this issue.

With the increase in the number of celebrities and influencers who are open about their plastic surgery, more and more high school students and others are having “double surgery” during big vacations such as summer vacation.

Most of the reasons for plastic surgery are probably “to be cute” or “to get rid of complexes such as moles or scars,” but some people undergo plastic surgery for special reasons.

In this issue, we interviewed Ms. R, a 25-year-old woman who has undergone dozens of plastic surgeries at a cost of about 10 million yen because she “cannot allow the genes of her parents to remain in her appearance.

Ms. R underwent her first plastic surgery when she was 15 years old. The trigger, she said, was bullying that had been going on since elementary school.

My first plastic surgery was when I was 15 years old. I was bullied in elementary school because of my appearance, and I was splashed with water in the bathroom and had my belongings hidden.

My parents called me ‘ugly,’ and if I was in a bad mood they would pour hot water on me, so I couldn’t talk to them about it. Then I heard about plastic surgery on TV and thought it was the only way.”

Ms. R did not have a good relationship with her parents. At home, she was called “radish” and “ugly,” and if she had anything she didn’t like, she would have hot water poured on her.

In order to escape from such an environment, she wanted to become independent and leave home as soon as possible, but she asked her parents to let her have plastic surgery so that she would not be bullied because of her appearance in the future.

“I remember when I was 15, my mother was delighted when I told her I wanted to have plastic surgery. She said, ‘I finally realize that radishes are ugly. ‘ They paid for my plastic surgery, and I thanked my parents at the time.”

After the first surgery was completed, Ms. R looked at her post-operative face and thought, “The other parts of my face are still ugly,” which revealed a different complex.

After that, every time she had plastic surgery, something else bothered her, and she became more and more involved in the process.

After graduating from high school, she moved to Tokyo, but the cost of plastic surgery was too high for her to save up just for a part-time job. She then chose a job as a prostitute. She has worked at a number of establishments, including a delicatessen and a soap shop, and now she is working at an M sex club.

After graduating from high school, my first job was at a cabaret club, but if you were not cute, you would not get nominations. So I had no choice but to work in a sex store. I wanted to get plastic surgery right away, but I didn’t have any money, so I tried to get it done as cheaply as possible by making use of monitor discounts.

It is similar to buying new clothes or getting a haircut at a beauty salon. I enjoy it because I can enjoy “beauty” as soon as I do it.

Working in a brothel is hard work, but she says it is her calling. When I become beautiful after plastic surgery, customers tell me I’m cute, so I feel I’ve had plastic surgery,” she says.

Ms. R says that no matter how much it costs, plastic surgery is like buying brand-name clothes as long as you stay cute for the rest of your life.

I’m about 20% done now, but I honestly don’t know when it will end,” she said. I don’t like the idea of having parts that don’t have a scalpel in them, so I do plastic surgery on all the parts that show my parents’ genes. Ideally, but since the goal is to erase the parts I don’t like, I’m okay with failure. My life’s purpose in life is to have my parents’ genes disappear little by little.”

For her face alone, Ms. R has had more than …… 30 plastic surgeries, including eye lid, double eyelid, and drooping eye surgery, hyaluronic acid injection for tear troughs, nasal prosthesis, auricular cartilage transplant, and Botox injections at the corners of her mouth.

So far, I have not had any failed plastic surgery, but there have been times when the finished result was different from what I expected. But that is not a failure. No matter how it turns out, it will be a new me, so he can rejoice that “one more gene has died!” she says.

Mr. R is aware that he is addicted to plastic surgery, but he does not think it is a bad thing. On the contrary, she says that plastic surgery is a fun attraction because she is evolving.

Is there an end to her plastic surgery? We can only hope that the surgery will not cause any aftereffects or problems.

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