Former Fighter Re-Arrested for Drug-Laced Chocolates from Hawaii | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Former Fighter Re-Arrested for Drug-Laced Chocolates from Hawaii

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Enson, who has tattoos on the back of his head, is under suspicion.

A famous fighter has been arrested again.

On June 12, the Saitama Prefectural Police re-arrested former martial artist Enson Inoue (57, real name Enson Shoji Inoue). He is accused of smuggling four chocolate bars containing narcotics into Japan from his home state of Hawaii on May 21 by hiding them in his suitcase at Narita Airport.

In an article published on May 28 this year, “FRIDAY Digital” reported on Enson’s exhausted state following a separate arrest. We would like to revisit and update this report, reflecting on the troubled life of the former famous fighter (some content has been revised).


He kept his head down the whole time.

He had a thick, muscular body with impressive tattoos on the back of his head and legs. However, the man seen by our photographer lacked the strength he once displayed in the ring. He seemed exhausted, keeping his head down as he boarded the transport vehicle.

On May 22, the Saitama Prefectural Police Organized Crime Countermeasures Division and the Kuki Police Station arrested Enson on suspicion of violating the Narcotics Control Act (importation). Enson, a Japanese-American from Hawaii, studied Brazilian jiu-jitsu and debuted in mixed martial arts with “Shooto” in January 1995.

“The incident leading to the arrest occurred this April. On the 18th, Enson sent chocolates containing narcotics from Hawaii to his home in Saitama Prefecture via international mail. Tokyo Customs discovered the chocolates when the package arrived at Narita Airport (Narita City, Chiba Prefecture) on the 24th. Inside an A4-sized envelope, they found six chocolate bars.


Upon inspection, customs detected narcotics in one of the six bars. The chocolates, sold commercially for 7,786 yen each (retail price), were placed inside the product packaging, likely with the contents swapped. Along with Enson, his wife, Sarah Jane McCann (37), a New Zealand national, was also arrested.” (national newspaper social affairs reporter)


The police have not disclosed whether the suspects admit or deny the charges. 

Enson was active in organizations such as “PRIDE” and “New Japan Pro-Wrestling,” where he embodied the spirit of “Yamato-damashii” (Japanese spirit). He even has a “Yamato-damashii” tattoo on his body. He made many combative statements, such as “I fight with the intention to kill my opponent,” “I will never tap out,” and “To those who said I would lose, go to hell!”

“On the other hand, he was also known as a troublemaker. He was involved in incidents such as assaulting reporters and extortion and assault against the president of his affiliated company, often causing turmoil. In October 2008, he was caught with 16.9 grams of marijuana during a police stop in Toshima Ward, Tokyo, leading to his arrest on the spot. He was sentenced to 10 months in prison, suspended for three years.


In May of this year, he posted on his social media, ‘This world is wrong. Please stop using drugs!’ Shortly after that, as mentioned earlier, he was arrested, so it’s natural he appeared exhausted during his transfer.” (source)


Police suspect Enson of mailing drugs for personal use and are investigating the details of how he obtained them.

He also has tattoos on his legs. (Photo has been partially edited)
He appeared exhausted. (photo has been partially edited)
He kept his head down throughout. (photo has been partially edited)
Enson, the suspect who was arrested. (photo has been partially edited)
  • PHOTO Shinji Hasuo

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