Princess Kako Fever Reignites on Greece Visit with Reports of Renewed Partner Search Captured in Miracle Images by This Magazine | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Princess Kako Fever Reignites on Greece Visit with Reports of Renewed Partner Search Captured in Miracle Images by This Magazine

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Princess Kako visits Greece

It has been a while since we have had the long-awaited “Princess Kako Fever.”

In commemoration of the 125th anniversary of diplomatic relations with Greece, Princess Kako, the second daughter of the Akishino Imperial Family, aged 29, officially visited Greece from May 26 and returned on June 1.

During her stay, she visited the President and Prime Minister, as well as monasteries and art museums. Her meticulous considerations, such as speeches in Greek and sign language, and her ever-present smile, enchanted the people of Greece. Local media praised her as the Diana of the East.

“Her impeccable demeanor aside, her attire also sparked discussions. The royal blue short-sleeved knit top paired with white pants she wore during her visit to the Parthenon, resembling the colors of the Greek flag, received high praise locally.

During her visit to the Faneromeni Monastery on Salamis Island near Athens, she appeared chic in a blue-patterned outfit with a black jacket. The monastery’s abbess praised her, saying that the princess appeared in modest colors without even manicured nails, and it was wonderful.” (The fashion magazine editor)

Princess Kako, who has also garnered significant attention in Japan, is now the subject of intensified media coverage regarding her “partner search” upon her return to Japan.

There have been whispers suggesting, “Could an engagement be announced before she turns 30 in December this year?” On April 13, Princess Kako attended a private gathering of the prestigious Shimazu family, known as the “Nishiki-kai,” held at the former noble family association “Kasumigaseki Kaikan,” accompanied by the former Emperor and Empress and the Akishino Imperial Couple. Her discreet attendance at this event has sparked speculation around “omiai” (arranged meeting) and “konkatsu” (marriage hunting).

“The prospective partner from the Shimazu family, who was mentioned, attended Gakushuin from elementary school through university and currently works at a major bank, being one year older than Princess Kako. However, he denied the rumors when approached directly by ‘Shukan Shincho’ (June 6, ’24 issue) and did not attend the meeting that day,” stated a national newspaper journalist.

In the past, there have been several candidates mentioned, such as the scion of Fuji-Q Highland and a classmate who is a dentist, but none of them have gone beyond mere rumors. Nevertheless, opportunities to see Princess Kako during her single years may not come often in the future. ‘FRIDAY’ has reported private snapshots of Princess Kako several times in the past, but it was in January ’15 when she became an adult that they first caught sight of her.

Riding a local bus, Princess Kako arrived on campus in a charming casual outfit.

That morning, many students disembarked from a local bus that stopped in front of International Christian University (ICU) in Mitaka, Tokyo. Among them, one woman walked briskly at the forefront. She was Princess Kako, who had just turned 20.

“Princess Kako withdrew from Gakushuin University, which has seen many members of the Imperial Family attend, in August of her sophomore year and transferred to the Arts and Sciences program in the Faculty of Liberal Arts. On this day, orientation for incoming students was held, and many freshmen arrived on campus.

She subtly incorporated a trendy Chester coat and Chelsea boots, complemented by a snood (a ring-shaped scarf) and a white layered bag. Her attire struck a balance of not overly following trends or making too strong a statement. Compared to the colorful female students around her, she had a mature and simple style that exuded a noticeable presence.” (Imperial Family Journalist)

In addition, there are moments like enjoying soft serve ice cream during freshman orientation camps, and appearances in Chanel suits during regional inspections.

Reflecting once again on Princess Kako’s twenties, which have constantly attracted attention from the public, we look forward to her future developments.

In the paid version of “FRIDAY GOLD,” we have published many treasured photos of Kako.

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