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The Threat of Ongoing Leaks in Kingdom Project’s Confidential Audio and Videos

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The leaked audio data was from when King & Prince had five members.

On the 1st of this month, a sudden incident occurred where approximately one minute of audio, seemingly from the time when the idol group “King & Prince” had five members, leaked on social media, causing a commotion.


Currently, the members of King & Prince are Kaito Takahashi (25) and Ren Nagase (25). However, the conversation in the leaked audio centered around former members who have since left the group. These members, now active as the music unit “Number_i,” include Shō Hirano (27), Yuta Kishi (28), and Yuta Jinguji (26). 


“The conversation originally started with a topic about masturbation habits in monkeys, but eventually shifted into discussions about adult videos (AV). Kishi was particularly eloquent, revealing that he frequently watches content on a major video streaming platform without purchasing, emphasizing that he only watches free sample videos to save time (laughs). Despite the explicit nature of the conversation, it was considered typical among mature adult men. Both groups seem to have escaped any significant damage from this incident.” (according to entertainment reporters)


While there was sympathy online for the five members exposed in the leaked audio, the focus remains on how it was leaked and made public, which is a delicate issue. 

“It’s speculated that the leaked audio from the time when King & Prince had five members, discussing trivia about animals that turned into explicit content, likely occurred during their return trip from a concert in Shizuoka on July 30th and 31st, 2022. This assumption is based on their past Instagram Live sessions mentioning similar conversations during car rides from Shizuoka.

Access to record inside the car where King & Prince members were present would have been necessary for the recording to happen, suggesting the leak possibly involved close staff like managers, concert crew, or drivers of the vehicles. It’s unlikely someone completely unrelated to either King & Prince or their management would have been responsible for the leak.” (Music industry insider)

STARTO ENTERTAINMENT, formerly known as Johnny & Associates, is the management agency for King & Prince. Last August, there was a major incident involving the group “HiHi Jets,” a six-member Johnny’s Jr. group. In the incident, Yuto Nasu (22) threw a cream puff, and a video showing this with laughter from Ryuga Sato (21) leaked online, sparking a significant controversy.

On the agency’s official website, Nasu stated, “I deeply, deeply regret the shameful act of throwing food at that time.” Sato apologized, saying, “I deeply apologize for causing great discomfort through the inappropriate act of treating food disrespectfully.” Sato apologized with statements like that.

“Several years ago, a video surfaced showing Nasu throwing expired cream puffs in the dressing room of the Teikoku Theater, which Sato had filmed. It’s unlikely that Sato leaked the video intentionally, suggesting that someone present at the scene or someone who received the video may have been responsible for its release.(as previously stated)


STARTO, which took over the management duties of talent from the former Johnny & Associates, is perceived to have undergone significant changes in its management structure, notably with new faces in senior positions.


“Many managers of departed talent have left, and a majority of the talent have switched to ‘agent contracts,’ resulting in many staff members separating from the talent they originally handled. Formerly, Johnny & Associates was known for high turnover and constant recruitment due to chronic understaffing.


Back then, decisions in Johnny & Associates were strictly top-down, leaving little autonomy for staff who often found themselves in roles akin to ‘personal assistants’ or ‘drivers.’ Some former employees left the agency after enduring mistreatment and low wages, likely harboring considerable resentment. It’s possible such individuals might use leaks of videos or audio as outlets for their frustrations. Unfortunately, leaks of disappointing videos or audio could continue in the future.” ( journalist)


It’s highly likely that many current talents are feeling uneasy.

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Hirano Sho in ‘Kurosagi’ Location Shoot. (October 28th and November 4th, 2022 Issue)
In February 2023, Ren Nagase appeared at the premiere screening of the movie ‘Doraemon: Nobita’s Utopia’.
Yuta Jinguji during the filming of the drama ‘Associate Professor Tatsuki Takatsuki’s Deductions,’ starring Hey! Say! JUMP’s Inoo Kei. (June 18, 2021 issue)
Off-shot of Kaito Takahashi during the filming of ‘Sis’s Boyfriend’. (November 27, 2020 issue)
Yuto Kishi during the filming of the movie ‘G Men’. (March 25, 2022 issue)
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