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Fuji: Yoko Ozawa’s “serious expression” at the vaccination site

News on the Scene FRIDAY - Eyewitness! Harikomi 24 (Shibuya, 16:25)

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“The vaccination site for the new coronary vaccine in Shibuya was in turmoil, with long lines of people waiting to receive the vaccine, despite the fact that it was advertised as a “no-appointment vaccination for young people. The public’s attention was high, and many media came to cover the event every day.

Announcer Ozawa reporting around the vaccination site. Her energetic work as a field caster stood out.

Among the crowd, I spotted Fuji TV’s Yoko Ozawa (30). She is a field anchor for the news program “Live News It! news program, and was probably covering the event that day. She was interviewing a young man who had completed his vaccination.

“Ozawa was selected as Miss Keio when she was a student, and she is a talented woman who is also fluent in English. She has a high reputation within the station for her work ethic. In the past, she was reported to have been in a relationship with Kazuki Kamisato, 27, of the Yokohama DeNA Bay Stars, one of the most popular men in baseball, but it seems that the playboy Kamisato was not a good match for her serious girlfriend.

She must have been working hard on her reporting in the extreme heat. On this day, Anna Ozawa was wearing a hat and sneakers to prevent heat stroke, and her makeup was a bit worn down. But her sweat-drenched appearance shone brightly in the crowd.

From “FRIDAY” September 17, 2021 issue

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