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Mimura Masakazu’s Concerns About Soshina Five Years Ago

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Five years ago, Mimura Masakazu from “Sama~zu” was worried about Soshina from “Shimofuri Myojo” (right).

There was someone who predicted Soshina “Shimofuri Myojo” would be like this years ago.

When you think of Soshina, he recently made headlines for his battle with Hiroyuki Miyasako, the former member of “Ameagari Kesshitai.”

In April, he appeared on Fuji TV’s “Sake no Tsumami ni Naru Hanashi.”

“YouTuber, not interesting, right?”

After making this statement, he turned his attention to Hiroyuki Miyasako, who left Yoshimoto Kogyo and transitioned to being a YouTuber. When Miyasako’s comeback to terrestrial TV after five years was canceled, Soshina said on his own YouTube channel:

“Serve you right!”

He continued his relentless verbal attacks, shouting out loud. 


Miyasako countered, but in a video released on June 3rd, he waved the white flag, saying:


“Could you please cut me some slack?”


“It’s okay if I lose.”


This turn of events disappointed many in the comedy world who were hoping for another twist. 

Soshina has been targeting not only Miyasako but also making fun of the height of former SMAP member Takuya Kimura, and poking fun at the duo of “King & Prince,” featuring Ren Nagase and Kaito Takahashi. He’s been unstoppable, critiquing weekly internet news with his unique perspective on his YouTube channel in a segment called “One Person’s Pro and Con,” which has sparked controversy. Regarding legendary voice actor Toru Furuya, who was reported in a 37-year age gap affair,

“I find the sexual desire of middle-aged men creepy.”

He was condemning it.

Soshina, known for his bold personality, has garnered attention from veterans in the comedy industry. Ota Hikaru of the comedy duo “Bakusho Mondai” commented on his radio show, saying,

“Soshina, you’ve got a foul mouth.”

However, he also remarked,

“He’s fearless, which is a good trait. He’s an interesting guy. I wonder why he says such harsh things. It makes me concerned.”

He stated.

Comedian Akashiya Sanma, known as the “funny monster,” commented on the situation where Kimutaku, who is close to Miisao, whom he takes care of, has been disrespected.

“If that statement is true, it’s something our generation in the entertainment industry can’t imagine. Comedians have a vertical relationship as seniors and juniors. That’s why saying such things to seniors is actually wrong.”

He also criticized, saying,

“Others are doing the same, right? Next time I meet Soshina, I’m thinking of asking him. What’s his intention? If I have to say it, I’ll say it. I’m thinking of telling him.”

He also declared that he might intervene to mediate, depending on the situation.

Predicting Soshina’s current situation five years ago was Masakazu Mimura from the comedy duo “Samāzu”.

In March 2019, following his victory in the R-1 Grand Prix, which came after his earlier win in the M-1 Grand Prix, Soshina achieved the unprecedented feat of winning both titles in a single season. Masakazu Mimura from the comedy duo “Samāzu” commented on his own show:

“In my view, during this R-1 Grand Prix, Soshina emerged victorious, but personally, I felt someone other than Soshina was better.”

He disclosed further, saying,

“Because, it can get weird. Maybe it’s my impression from drinking with Shimofuri Myojo. Don’t get weird.”

He issued this warning.

It’s unclear what attitude he showed during his drinking session with Shimofuri Myojo, but it seems Masakazu Mimura sensed the potential danger of misinterpretation if things were to go slightly wrong. According to insiders in the comedy industry,

“At the core of Soshina’s confidence lies the undeniable fact that he achieved victories in M-1 and R-1 at a young age. However, rather than arrogance, it seems to reflect a determination to change the somewhat stagnant comedy scene.

Nevertheless, the question remains about the manner in which he ‘disses’ others. Sanma seems to be trying to counsel in that regard, suggesting that instead of knocking others down, it might be better to say, ‘You’re funny enough as you are.’”

Masakazu Mimura and Kazuki Ōtake of the comedy duo ‘Samāzu’ originally started out as ‘Bacardi’ but didn’t find much success. In 2000, due to a TV show plan, they were forced to change their name to the current ‘Samāzu’, which led to their sudden big breakthrough.


“They understand the toughness of the comedy world better than anyone else. That’s why they emphasize humility. I wonder how their partner Seya views Soshina now. It seems that in ‘Samāzu’, if Mimura-san says no to something, Ōtake-san also decides it’s a no.” (a sports newspaper entertainment reporter)


I’m curious about Soshina’s thoughts on Mimura’s call from five years ago.

  • PHOTO Yuri Adachi (Mimura) and Shu Nishihara (Koshina)

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