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Chae Jong Hyeop “Eye Love You” Sparks Popularity Surge in Omotesando

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Chae Jong Hyeop walks through Shibuya’s streets, sporting a cheerful smile.

In late May around 3:30 PM, amidst the warm early summer weather, a handsome man standing 186cm tall, with a knit hat pulled low over his eyes, strolled through Shibuya. This was Chae jong hyeop (31), the Korean actor who has been gaining popularity in Japan for his role opposite TBS’s drama “Eye Love You,” alongside Fumi Nikaido (29), which aired in January. 


“Since appearing in ‘Eye Love You,’ his popularity in Japan has been incredible. Whenever he posts photos on Instagram, Japanese comments flood in immediately. In April, we even launched an official Japanese fan club, but it crashed due to heavy traffic. Japanese fans already affectionately refer to him as ‘Hyup-sama.’ Interestingly, back in his home country, he was seen more as a promising newcomer rather than a major star.


It’s said that a Korean TBS producer was the one who handpicked him to star opposite Nikaido. When he received the offer for the drama, he couldn’t speak Japanese yet. While Korean actors often attract attention for their sculpted physique, his appeal in Japan lies in his contrasting character that evokes a nurturing instinct. His earnest attempts to speak broken Japanese in the drama resonated well with Japanese women.”  (TV station insider)

This visit was for his first-ever fan meeting in Japan, held at Makuhari Messe on June 1st and 2nd. Accompanied by a few associates, Jung-hyup casually strolled from Shibuya to Omotesando, popping into fashionable clothing stores without making any purchases.

Japanese fans are eager to see him in his next drama, hoping to witness more of such moments.

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No young women noticed him because he wore a knit hat pulled down low.
In mid-April, Chae Jong Hyeop appeared at the first anniversary celebration event of the Tommy Hilfiger Omotesando store.
He posted photos from the same day on his Instagram (@chaejh_).
Chae Jong Hyeop, who is rising in popularity in Japan (@chaejh_)

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