Shimofuri Myojo’s Faces Sanma Akashiya’s Lecture Warning but Remains Unfazed | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Shimofuri Myojo’s Faces Sanma Akashiya’s Lecture Warning but Remains Unfazed

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Sanma Akashiya (left) said, ‘I’ll say it,’ to Soshina (right), who ‘bites’ at people like Miyasako and Takuya Kimura on the internet.

There is attention focused on Shimofuri Myojo (Soshina), a rare presence.

As a comedian, he won the M-1 Grand Prix in 2018 as part of a duo. As a solo act, he also conquered the R-1 Grand Prix in 2019, establishing himself as a thoroughbred. He is highly acclaimed as a genius in the comedy world, and Yoshimoto Kogyo also quickly promoted him.

“While riding the rails set by Yoshimoto, he often seems to derail himself. Although the programs hosted by Shimofuri Myojo have been short-lived, there are occasions where Soshina himself judges them as not funny. He approaches comedy with stoicism, maintaining a quiet demeanor in the dressing room. During interviews, his responses can be curt depending on the questions asked.

For those from the Showa to Heisei eras, he might be seen as ‘what’s with that guy!’ However, he is more polite than anyone else to senior comedians and those he respects. At the core of his standards lies a simple question: ‘Is it funny or not?'” (Television station insider)

Because of this unwavering attitude, he doesn’t hesitate to touch on taboos.

Recently, he casually made jokes about the renowned Kimura Takuya. He revealed how he was completely ignored when he greeted him at a television station in the past, and seemingly in retaliation, he effortlessly inserted jokes about Kimura’s taboo topic—his height.

Regarding former Johnny’s Entertainment members, he frequently jokes about the duo of Nagase Ren and Takahashi Kaito, who now lead King & Prince.

“Who’s even watching King & Prince in their current state?”

He made this statement, sparking strong backlash from King & Prince fans, but he remained unruffled. Recently, he also characterized Nagase and Takahashi’s establishment of personal offices as a “tax strategy,” and when Nagase assumed the role of co-representative,

“Not funny.”

And dismissed it.

“Johnny’s office has disappeared, but Mr. Kimura is a superstar respected throughout the entertainment industry. I think Soshina is the only one who teased such a person with malice.” (Comedy industry insider)

Last year, the power balance in the comedy world, which had been focused solely on Downtown’s Matsumoto Hitoshi, was openly criticized by Oriental Radio’s Nakata Atsuhiko on YouTube, sparking discussion. According to reports,

“Soshina is said to respect Nakata-san, who has formed his own position even after leaving Yoshimoto.” (Comedy industry insider)

Most recently, he stirred up controversy by picking a fight with former “Ameagami Kesshitai” member, Hiroyuki Miyasako. It all started on Fuji TV’s “Sake no Tsumami ni Naru Hanashi” in April, where Soshina remarked,

“YouTubers, they’re not funny, right?”

He made this statement and mentioned Miyasako’s name.

Following this, Miyasako took the microphone.

“Wait until you surpass me on TV before you talk!”

“Did you create a show like Ametalk?”

And provocation. Soshina once again criticized this, mentioning the disappearance of Miyasako’s return to terrestrial television for the first time in five years on his own YouTube channel.

“Take that!!”

He screamed.

Comedian Sanma Akashiya, a prominent figure at Yoshimoto, also commented on this in his radio program:

“If their battle were serious, it’s unimaginable for us in the entertainment industry of our generation. The juniors challenged their seniors. Even if they’re not from Yoshimoto, comedians respect seniority.

It’s hierarchical. So, saying those things to a senior is actually wrong.”

And he expressed his disapproval. Continuing,

“Soshina, he’s done this before, hasn’t he? Next time I see Soshina, I’m thinking of asking him about it. What’s his intention? If I were to say it, I would say it. I’m thinking of telling him.”

And he hinted at the possibility of sermonizing depending on the situation. 

“Soshina’s upbeat demeanor is supported by fervent fans, much like Oriental Radio’s Nakata. His YouTube channel has 2.04 million subscribers, and his view count is growing.

Among the super chat (donations) from loyal supporters, there are some high-value ones, reportedly tens of thousands of yen per donation. It seems Miyasako’s quick surrender was unexpected, but he will absolutely not retreat in the future.” (Sports journalist)

Appearing reckless, but actually a meticulous strategist. He attended a middle school with a “70” deviation value and entered Doshisha University from there (though he dropped out). He has even taken first place overall three times in TBS’s famous program “All-Star Thanksgiving.”

What kind of move will he make next? All eyes are on the invincible man Soshina.

  • PHOTO Kojiro Yamada (Sanma) and Shu Nishihara (Koshina)

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