Underage girls are forced to work at illegal brothels under the false pretense of having a “throat disease”… The despicable tactics of Kabukicho “Kakae Host”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Underage girls are forced to work at illegal brothels under the false pretense of having a “throat disease”… The despicable tactics of Kabukicho “Kakae Host”.

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Arrested suspect Akama (from the official SNS of the stage Jewel Stage “On Air! (from the official SNS of the stage Jewel Stage “On Air!)

Yori Akama, 22, who worked at a host club in Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo, was arrested by the Shinjuku Police Station of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department on May 31 on suspicion of fraud for swindling a then 17-year-old girl out of about 400,000 yen in cash.

The girl went to see a performance by Akama, who was working as an actor as well as a host, last summer, and the two started keeping in touch. The girl was then invited to come to a host club where the Akama suspect worked, and she started going to the club. To prevent the girl from finding out that she was underage, Akama had the girl carry the ID of a female acquaintance.


Akama deceived the store where he worked and even risked his own safety to allow the girl to go there. The girl was completely taken by this selfish man.

The girl went to see the Jewel Stage “On Air! . where Akama played the role of Shirayuki Zero, the main character of 凖. The girl became a fan of the Akama suspect and was quite passionate about him, asking her friends to follow him in order to increase his social networking followers. She worked part-time jobs to pay tribute to the Akama suspect. She was cutting back on her food expenses,” he said.

However, Akama was never satisfied, and his demands on the girl escalated.

Akama lied to the girl, telling her that her mother had cancer and that he himself needed treatment for a throat ailment and had to be hospitalized, and then took money from her under the guise of medical expenses. The girl’s part-time job was no longer enough to cover her medical expenses, so she began working at an illegal brothel. In late December last year, Akama received 400,000 yen in cash at the girl’s home. The total amount he contributed amounted to 1,130,000 yen,” said an investigator.

One month after receiving the 400,000 yen from the girl, Akama left his entertainment agency. The girl, realizing that she had been cheated, complained to the police in February of this year, and the case came to light. A person involved in the investigation continued, “The girl told the police that she was cheated because of the money.


The girl told us that she contributed the money because ‘I thought that if I lost my voice, I would regret it for the rest of my life. As a fan, I wanted to do my best for him. The Akama suspect, on the other hand, stated, ‘I brought up the subject of my illness in order to break up with her. I was going to return the money. The Akama suspect seemed to be open and honest, saying, ‘You gave me the money on your own, so there is no way I can be charged with a crime. The girl had problems in her family environment and had an attachment disorder. The Akama suspect took advantage of such emotional gaps.”

The suspect Akama, a despicable “host” who took advantage of the weakness and goodwill of his underage fans to fleece them of their money. Unless he faces up to his crimes, he will never be able to appear on the stage again.

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