Ex-Breaking Down Athlete’s Threat: “I’ll Kill You” – Unveiling Domestic Violence Details | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ex-Breaking Down Athlete’s Threat: “I’ll Kill You” – Unveiling Domestic Violence Details

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Despite expressing a desire to show that he was different from his past self through the cage, the reality was different. The image is from the YouTube channel “Breaking Down.”


In the initial trial held on May 30th at the Tokyo District Court, Kubota Satoru, a former popular athlete and influencer for “Breaking Down,” stood accused of assault and bodily harm against his girlfriend. The victim’s chilling statement, “I felt a fear so intense that I thought my life was over,” was read aloud from the prosecution’s statement.

“This marks Kubota’s second arrest. Last March, he was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend at the time. Despite their reconciliation afterward, he assaulted her again, leading to his re-arrest,” reported a national newspaper’s justice correspondent.


In court, Kubota appeared in a black suit with black-framed glasses. His posture was rigid, and even through his suit, his muscular physique was apparent. When asked about his occupation by the presiding judge, he firmly replied, 

“I work in video streaming.”

According to the indictment, Kubota returned home around 4 a.m. after drinking with acquaintances, intoxicated. An argument ensued when his girlfriend reprimanded him for his behavior. Enraged, Kubota assaulted her by straddling her, punching her face, and strangling her. The victim had previously reported violence from Kubota to the police. Kubota responded with, “Are you going to report me again? I don’t care anymore. I’ll kill you,” as he threatened her with a knife to her throat.

“After the assault, Kubota went out to a convenience store to buy alcohol. Upon his return, he became furious when he found himself locked out of the room by the victim. He proceeded to damage the property by hitting the door with a fire extinguisher and throwing stones at the window, leading to charges of property destruction,” added the journalist.

Kubota has admitted to the charges outlined in the indictment.

“FRIDAY Digital” has reported Kubota’s arrest twice before. When he was first arrested last March, Kubota refuted the allegations on his own YouTube channel, saying, 

“I definitely caused injuries. But it’s exaggerated to say I beat someone up. It’s written in a way that makes it seem extreme. That was frustrating.”

However, what became evident in court was Kubota’s brutal assault and his problem with alcohol. The couple began dating in July 2022 and started living together around September. Incidents of violence occurred more than ten times, with the woman reporting the troubles to the police multiple times. She stated,

 “He’s kind when he’s sober, but he changes 180 degrees when he drinks. He’s verbally abusive to waitstaff and taxi drivers.”

During his previous arrest, he paid a settlement of 2.5 million yen, but this time, the victim is seeking severe punishment.

“It seems he managed to gather the 2.5 million yen settlement money from acquaintances and supporters. Supporters were helping Kubota rehabilitate. It’s disappointing that despite vowing to quit drinking and dedicating himself to training for a martial arts event, he ended up betraying his supporters,” said a friend of Kubota.

Kubota may be experiencing profound regret, perhaps even feeling like his life is over, after betraying his supporters.

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