Son of Prestigious Shimazu Family Emerges Suddenly with Princess Kako’s Search for Asia’s Diana’s Partner Amid Confusion | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Son of Prestigious Shimazu Family Emerges Suddenly with Princess Kako’s Search for Asia’s Diana’s Partner Amid Confusion

Following a Fujikyu sergeant, an alumnus of her study abroad destination, and a dentist...

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Upon finishing her visit to Greece, Princess Kako arrived at Haneda Airport.

Approaching her thirties, Princess Kako (29) has been the subject of intense speculation regarding her marriage prospects.

Since coming of age, various candidates including a scion of the Fuji-Q Highland family, former classmates from her study abroad, and a dentist have been discussed. However, in late April, following Princess Kako’s participation in a meeting with the Shimazu family, the son of the Shimazu family suddenly emerged as a leading candidate for her marriage partner. This led to a situation where multiple media outlets pursued direct interviews (which she denied).

The atmosphere suggesting an imminent marriage is indeed brewing, but royal commentator Shinji Yamashita denies it, saying, “The possibility of that happening is extremely slim.”

“The individuals reported in the news are being considered by the media based solely on factors like family background and age, I think. Lately, there have been no stories about meetings with Princess Kako or reports of a close relationship. Also, it doesn’t seem likely that the Shimazu family is seeking connections with the imperial family at this time. Even if there were a suitable person, being touted as a candidate could lead to avoiding even meeting Princess Kako, which could make finding a partner even more difficult.”

However, it seems that an ideal partner for Princess Kako would still be someone from a distinguished family.

“Compared to her student days, Princess Kako now has limited opportunities to meet new people. It would be ideal for her to meet and be attracted to someone from the former imperial or noble families, who can easily understand her esteemed position, and marry through some sort of gathering,” said Mr. Yamashita as mentioned earlier.

During the official visit to Greece from May 24th to June 1st, Princess Kako’s serene smile and dignified presence garnered attention. Referred to as ‘the Oriental Diana’ by local media, the princess hopes to meet a man with whom she can feel at ease and settled.

Princess Kako showed a smile to the welcoming officials.
Princess Kako participated in a sign language class at a facility for the hearing impaired in Greece and experienced local sign language.
This visit marks Princess Kako’s third official overseas trip.

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