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Controversial YouTuber Vomits on BBQ Table in Livestream

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Shinya-cho Arrested

Stop it, already! Stop it. Stop ‘Frozen’!


A man stood on the table with his shoes on, shouting for the restaurant music to be turned off. This live scene was streamed on social media by a troublesome YouTuber known as “Shinya-cho”. He had a confrontation with a group of four people inside the restaurant, prompting staff to call the police for intervention. 

On May 29th, Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s Yoyogi Station arrested Seiji Ohara (41), also known as “Shinya-cho”, residing in Nakano-ku, Tokyo, on suspicion of obstructing business by force. Our photographer captured him with a sullen expression as he boarded the transport vehicle just after the arrest.

“The incident leading to his arrest occurred on the night of August 20th last year. Ohara allegedly climbed onto a table with his shoes on at a yakiniku chain restaurant in Shibuya Ward, screaming loudly. He reportedly filmed himself causing disturbances for about 50 minutes, including vomiting whiskey he had brought in. He also provoked trouble by verbally antagonizing other customers, saying things like ‘Are you against me?’

Staff members called the police, who detained Ohara for questioning. Although initially interviewed voluntarily, he was arrested this April following a formal complaint filed by the restaurant. During questioning, he admitted to the charges, stating, ‘I drank too much and got carried away.'” (National newspaper social affairs reporter)

Upload the video without pixelating it.


It’s been noted that troublesome behavior by YouTubers is occurring more frequently. Here are recent incidents:


Last September, a nuisance YouTuber in Tokyo filmed a woman outside a theater, falsely labeling her as a “scalper” without her permission. They uploaded the video without blurring her face, leading to arrest on charges of defamation.


In January this year, two private arrest-style YouTubers were arrested for attempted extortion. They were caught filming up a woman’s skirt at a station in Kanagawa Prefecture. They allegedly threatened her, saying, “You wouldn’t want to go to the police, right? How much compensation will you pay?”


Repeating criminal acts without considering the harm caused to others just to increase views is not acceptable. Police have stepped up efforts to crack down on these troublesome YouTubers, recognizing them as a growing social issue.

Suspect Ohara displaying a sulky expression (photo partially edited).
At the yakiniku restaurant, he got into a dispute with other customers (photo partially edited).
He stares at our magazine photographer (photo partially edited).
He admits to the allegations during questioning (photo partially edited).
  • PHOTO Shinji Hasuo

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