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Shibuno’s Comeback, Rising from World Rank 192 After 6 Missed Qualifications

After failing to qualify in six out of nine rounds, Hinoko Shibuno unexpectedly came in a very strong second place at the U.S. Women's Open!

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After the tournament, Shibuno showed confidence, saying, “I’ve been playing golf completely differently these past few months.” She has regained her sparkle.

Up until recently, she was ranked 192nd in the world, failing to qualify in six out of nine tournaments.

Hinako Shibuno (25), who had been struggling, made a comeback at the US Women’s Open held until June 2nd. She finished second, three shots behind the leader Yuka Saso. While she didn’t achieve a major victory since the Women’s British Open in August ’19, her performance suggested a resurgence in her golf career. 

Her spirits also seem to be positive. At the end of the final day, Shibuno told the press:

“When I looked at the leaderboard, I was like ‘Wow, wow,’ something like that (laughs). I even felt like, ‘Why am I here?'”

Luck was also on her side. On the 14th hole of the third day, her ball stopped on the edge of the cup after a gentle touch, but about 10 seconds later, it dropped in. Guided by the wind, it turned into a fortunate birdie.

“Until just before, Shibuno struggled, having injured her left thumb in April last year. In order to hit the ideal draw shot, she changed coaches to Akishi Tsujimura, who instructed Momoko Ueda and others, and revamped her swing. She went through trial and error.” (Sports newspaper reporter)

Shibuno, who has completely regained her form through trial and error, is now endorsed for a comeback by golf commentator Takeshi Kosan.

“Until now, she seemed dissatisfied with her swing, often seen practicing during rounds and pondering. However, returning to her familiar, softer shaft and modifying her swing made a big difference. There was no hesitation at the US Open. If she can continue to focus on her own swing without hesitation, as she did this time, there’s a good chance of replicating her major victory at the 2019 Women’s British Open.”

The Smile Cinderella has returned!

From the June 21, 2024 issue of FRIDAY

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