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Fans Have Mixed Feelings About WEST.’s Use of SNS to Pay Money to See Idol’s Appearance

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Enjoying Tokyo Disney Resort (from his Instagram)

On May 20th, WEST.’s Junta Nakama responded to fan comments on his personal Instagram account. While he has been sharing photos showing his private and natural sides on Instagram, he reportedly received requests from some fans for an idol-like appearances.

Nakama opened his personal Instagram account on December 25th last year. On the same day, being a big fan of Disney, he posted photos that appear to have been taken at Tokyo DisneySea, introducing himself with, “Nice to meet you, I’m Junta Nakama from WEST. I’ve started this account with plans for 80% Disney and 20% other content (*´-`)笑 If you like, please continue to follow!” (Original text as is, below the same)

“In reality, Nakama’s Instagram mainly features posts related to Disney, frequently uploading photos of him enjoying Tokyo Disney Resort with comedians like Shupei from the duo ‘Peckapa’ and freelance announcer Hikaru Shinohara. There are few posts showing his work scenes, and the account has evolved more into a ‘Disney mania’ enthusiast rather than an idol’s Instagram,” a showbiz writer commented.

The photos taken at his beloved Disney parks reflect genuine enjoyment in every expression. Judging from the comments, many fans seem delighted, but there are some who appear dissatisfied.

On May 20th, updating his Instagram Stories, Nakama addressed comments: “Occasionally I receive comments like ‘It’s all Disney! I want to see idol Junta Nakama!’ From the start, I’ve said I would do exactly this!” Perhaps to reaffirm his statement, he used a screenshot from his December 25th post where he explained, “‘An account planned to be 80% Disney, 20% other content.'”

Furthermore, in his subsequent Stories, Nakama appealed to those seeking “idol Junta Nakama” to check out the members-only site, FAMILY CLUB web. He emphasized that if fans want to know the life-size version of himself, they should visit X (formerly Twitter), and for glimpses into his hobbies, they should look at his Instagram. He concluded by requesting fans’ understanding: “I would be happy if everyone could use them appropriately.”

“Instagram allows free access to anyone who registers an account, whereas FAMILY CLUB web is a paid site costing 330 yen per month. Nakama’s adept management of these platforms has earned him praise as skillful and genius. However, according to comments from fans who check FAMILY CLUB web, discussions related to Disney also appear on his personal blog there, leading to observations such that it was all Disney no matter where you look.”

Consequently, even Nakama’s Instagram post reporting ‘Visited Mickey Mouse after a long time’ (dated 20th) received harsh comments.

“Talking about Disney every day, where exactly is the distinction? Please stop discussing Disney entirely outside of Instagram.”
“If you claim to separate them, then don’t go on at length about Disney on your blog. We get that Disney is more fun than work; you don’t need to keep saying it.”
“Maybe you think you’re managing it, but realize that many people currently can’t keep up.”
“Your blog and X are both full of Disney talk. Please consider what would truly make your fans happy.”

And such candid opinions were expressed.

For fans who pay the monthly fee on FAMILY CLUB web hoping to see his idol-like appearance, there seems to be room for improvement in the content of his photos and diary entries.

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