‘I stabbed her’…Famous music unit member ‘staring at photographer’ in attempted murder of teenager, shocking photo sent to court | FRIDAY DIGITAL

‘I stabbed her’…Famous music unit member ‘staring at photographer’ in attempted murder of teenager, shocking photo sent to court

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Suspect Yano glares at the photographer

When the man came out of the police station for inspection, he glared sharply at the photographer of this magazine. When he realized that he was being filmed, he bowed his head lightly, perhaps to show his remorse.

The incident occurred on the morning of May 31. Just before 10:00 a.m., a male voice called 119 to report that a man had stabbed his girlfriend with a kitchen knife. When firefighters and police officers arrived on the scene, they found Ms. A, a teenager, lying on her bed with blood pouring from her chest. A man who was stunned inside the room was urgently arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

The Metropolitan Police Department’s Nogata Police Station arrested the suspect, Maya Yano, 30, a self-proclaimed YouTuber. The scene was a room in an apartment in Nogata, Nakano-ku. The suspect, Maya Yano, was dating Ms. A, who lived in the apartment, and is believed to have gotten into some kind of trouble, stabbing her once in the left chest.

A bloody kitchen knife was found near the bed where Ms. A had fallen. Mr. Yano admitted the crime, saying, ‘I stabbed him when he was sleeping in his bed,’ and ‘I thought I would die too.

Cancellation of live concerts and album release

Yano also has a side as an artist. He was a member of the famous music unit “Tsuyu,” which consisted of three men and three women and had hit songs such as “Kuraberetarekko,” and performed under the name “Pusu. Yano is the leader of the group and writes the lyrics. Tsuyu” posted its first song in June ’19, and has nearly 1.3 million registered users on YouTube.

Following the attempted murder of Yano, “Tsuyu” announced that they would not hold their scheduled live concerts in Shinagawa and Yokohama in June. They will also cancel the release of their album, which was scheduled for release. One of the members said, “I wanted to deliver both the CD and the sheet music. We are really sad that we were betrayed in every way,” commented an employee of a major record company.

The official X (formerly Twitter) of “Tsuyu” reported the following on June 1.

[The future activities of the group are currently under discussion among the parties concerned. We would appreciate it if you could give us some time. We sincerely and deeply apologize to the victims and their fans.

The suspect Yano not only seriously injured Ms. A, his girlfriend, but also betrayed his valued fans and members. The police are investigating the details of his trouble with Ms. A.

He is also the leader of a well-known music unit (some photos have been doctored)
Due to the incident, his unit’s live performances and album releases have been canceled (some photos have been doctored).
He made a slight bowing gesture when he was sent to the police station (some photos have been doctored).
He stated, “I thought I was going to die, too.
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