Boasting about his celebrity connections as an influencer! How the legendary leader of Nagoya’s Color Gang was arrested | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Boasting about his celebrity connections as an influencer! How the legendary leader of Nagoya’s Color Gang was arrested

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The “Lucifers” color gang used downtown Sakae-ku, Nagoya City as their base of operations

Aichi Prefectural Police arrested seven men between the ages of 20 and 51, including Daisaku Odagiri, 46, a self-employed man in Nagoya City, for assaulting and injuring two men in their 20s who came to Atsuta Shrine in Nagoya City on New Year’s Day.

The group surrounded two men and kicked them in the lower back, injuring them. Odagiri is believed to be the leader of a delinquent group, and police are investigating the involvement of group members in a string of group assaults in downtown Nagoya” (local TV reporter).

The suspect Odagiri was apparently quite a celebrity in Nagoya.

He is the legendary leader of the Lucifers, a deadly gang group that was very powerful in the 1990s. The Lucifers were formed by Odagiri and 30 other members who had graduated from motorcycle gangs. Based in downtown Sakae, they took control of other delinquent groups through warfare and became a gang group with over 1,000 members a year after its formation.

The suspect Odagiri was caught by the police several times and apparently spent most of his 20s in prison. Since his release from prison, he has been running a construction sheet metal business and working with members who adore him and have gathered together. He has appeared many times on outlaw YouTube. He was a legendary leader and was popular for his stories of heroism,” said an editor of an outlaw magazine.

The group had also been involved in volunteer activities such as support activities for people living on the streets of Nagoya, and had promoted itself as a family-oriented group, but it was this kind of incident that led to this. In an interview, the suspect Odagiri spoke of his past misdeeds without any ill feelings. In addition to fighting with other groups, he was also involved in robbing hosts and catches of luxury Rolex watches in Sakae.

‘I got everything I wanted, in this town. If I want these clothes, I say, ‘Take them off,’ and everyone takes them off.

The gangsters were known for stabbing us all.

We were all famous for stabbing people. We always had dozens of knives. Whenever I saw someone I didn’t like in a club, I’d stab him right away.

The group had 1,000 members, and their personal connections were said to extend into the entertainment world. As for a certain handsome actor who belonged to Odagiri’s group, he was “quiet and talked like he did on TV,

He didn’t talk much and didn’t talk like he did on TV. He had a nice voice.

As for a certain actress who was also a member of Odagiri’s group, he said, “She was a girlfriend of one of ours,

She was the girlfriend of one of our friends. I only have an image of her as a yankee.

He laughed and said, “I just have this image of her as a yankee.

The police were also on the lookout for the suspect’s charisma and the number of applicants who wanted to join the Lucifers increased due to the influence of social networking sites.

The police are now trying to find out what really happened to the group, including any additional crimes they may have committed. It would have been better if it had ended with the saga of the past as a legendary leader. ……

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