A year and a half after the malicious prank of the university students… The sad present of “The ‘Gotogotokoro’ Stone” which the students wished for and which is no longer gotogotoro. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A year and a half after the malicious prank of the university students… The sad present of “The ‘Gotogotokoro’ Stone” which the students wished for and which is no longer gotogotoro.

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The “Gotogotsu Stone” that stopped rumbling due to a college student’s malicious prank.

Ah, the stone has stopped moving!

In November 2010, something unusual was discovered at “Gotogotoishi” (Tosa Mountain, Kochi City), a huge rock popular as a power spot. A tourist reported the incident to the city.

The rock is about 2 meters in diameter and weighs several tons. When pushed, the rock would move with a rumbling sound, but many students would come to pray for it because it never seemed to fall off the cliff behind it. One day, it stopped moving.

Since jacks and other equipment used for the car were left at the site, 500 local residents filed a criminal complaint, believing it to be a malicious prank. As a result of the investigation, the Kochi District Public Prosecutors Office filed summary indictments against six university students, male and female, in their 20s from Kanto, for destruction of property. Last year, the Kochi Summary Court issued a summary order for a fine of 200,000 yen to each of the six.

The students, who visited the area in a rented car from Tokyo, tried to push the “Gotogotoishi” off a cliff with their hands and tools, but gave up. The stone moved a little and hit a rock on the right side, and it stopped rumbling,” said a local official.

Still no word or apology.

Notice” explaining the incident

In April of this year, about a year and a half after the disturbance. A reporter who visited the site saw the “sad present” of the “Gotogoto Stone. I tried to push the stone, but it did not move at all. No one would visit the stone in the hope that it would bring them good luck. What will happen to the stone now that it is no longer thumping? What will happen to the stones now that they are no longer thumping?

I would like to restore the stones as soon as possible, and thankfully, we have received offers to help with the work. We are now at the stage of deciding what to do, so we are gathering the opinions of all the residents.

But there is a problem. The road leading to the site is a narrow mountain road, making it difficult for large heavy machinery to enter. Even if a crane is used to return the stones to their original position, will the stones, which are delicately balanced, ever return to their original state? Who will bear the cost?

I am thinking that the cost to return the stone will be paid by the students who caused all this to happen. However, there has been no contact or apology from the students, and we have no idea what they are thinking. The “Gotogoto Stone” is a valuable tourist resource in this area. Considering that there are students who wish to pray for it, we want to restore it as soon as possible. We will be consulting with our lawyers, including the claim for expenses,” he said.

For the students, it may have been a bit of a prank. However, considering the feelings of the local people who have cherished the “gotogoto stones,” it can be said that this was the most malicious prank of all. First of all, they should apologize and show their sincerity.

Shrine and “Gotogoto Stone
Gotogoto Stone” seen from the back
It stood in a delicate balance. ……
A poster referring to a prank by a university student.
The narrow mountain road makes it difficult for heavy machinery to enter.
  • Reporting, writing, and photography Masayoshi Katayama


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