Hoshino Minamoto & Gakki, Rough Products & Ano-chan… “The power and danger” of “denial of allegations” in the “appearance of the person himself”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hoshino Minamoto & Gakki, Rough Products & Ano-chan… “The power and danger” of “denial of allegations” in the “appearance of the person himself”.

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Yui Aragaki (right) and Anochan directly denied rumors that were untrue.

Two “couples” have become the talk of the town in the entertainment world.

The first is SHIMOFURI MYOJO and singer Anochan. The two were so close that information about their relationship was flying around.

On May 30, Saishin updated his YouTube channel. He appeared on screen alongside Ano-chan and talked about their love affair.

We, Roughy and Ano, ……, are not in a relationship!”

They looked at each other and said

They looked at each other and laughed.

They looked at each other and laughed. He continued, “I think we are pretty good friends.

“I think we get along pretty well.

He continued, “We are pretty good friends.

“We’re not really dating or anything, but we’re best friends.

He assured them, “We’re not really dating, but we’re good friends.

The theory of their relationship had been circulating behind the scenes since last year, and several media outlets had been following it. They must have heard about it and decided to make the facts public at this time.

On May 27 and 29, respectively, Rough Products and Anochan sensed that they were being followed by the media and expressed their fears on social networking sites. A reporter in charge of entertainment at a sports paper revealed a “behind-the-scenes” story.

In July of last year, Mr. Koshina announced that he had divorced the celebrity Erika Akiyama, and we were told that Anochan was involved in this divorce. In other words, it was an “adulterous plundering. It was not good for such rumors to walk around on their own, so the two of them together firmly denied the dating theory.

Similarly denying the rumors were singer and actor Minamoto Hoshino and actress Yui Aragaki, who got married in May 2009.

Influencer Takizawa Galeso, who has 2.7 million followers, anonymously revealed information about the affair between Hoshino and Yui. This quickly spread and caused an uproar on the Internet, but Hoshino and the legal department of Hoshino’s agency, Amuse, immediately denied it on SNS. His wife, Niigaki, also denied it on her X profile page.

Furthermore, Niigaki “participated” in a live phone call on Nippon Broadcasting System’s “Gen Hoshino’s All Night Nippon” late at night on May 28, where Hoshino serves as a personality. Hoshino spoke about the allegations of infidelity.

I have never had an affair. It is a complete falsehood. There is not a single fact in the rumors and speculations.

Niigaki added

Thank you very much for your concern this time. I hope you can rest assured.

I hope you can rest assured.

She also answered questions from listeners. He confessed that he and his wife went on a date at the aquarium for the first time.

The fish are moving in the moving water, and the flow of the water is soothing. We danced together while watching the show.

She also said, “I danced with the fish as I watched the show. Hoshino calls Yui Aragaki “Yui,” and Aragaki calls her “Minamoto-san,” which was also a new discovery for me.

Until now, celebrities have always responded to gossip by their agencies. However, the best way to deny gossip more forcefully is for the person himself to explain himself. A decade ago, they used to hold press conferences, but now we have SNS. Mr. Hoshino’s and Mr. Koshina’s responses may be the method of the new era.

On the other hand, a “belligerent” response to the other party may result in retaliation.

For example, YouTuber Hikaru, who recently discovered his relationship with actress Rio Uchida, was quick to report his relationship on his YouTube page, after receiving an inquiry from Bunshun.

The scandal involving Downtown’s Hitoshi Matsumoto may have thrown Bunshun into a tailspin, and Hikaru, with his keen intuition, may have thought, “This will get the word out,” but this method is bound to leave a mark. The Bunshun reporter who confirmed the fact must not feel good about it. I am sure that the Bunshun reporter who confirmed the facts would not feel good about it, and would think of doing it again at some point.

It seems that we live in an era in which individual celebrities are even being questioned about how they “put out fires.” ……

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  • PHOTO. Takahiro Kagawa (Ano), Yoshito Murata (Aragaki)

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