Taiga Nakano, who is truly “unrivaled,” continues to make great strides… The “premonition of big things” that was talked about in “Amachan”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Taiga Nakano, who is truly “unrivaled,” continues to make great strides… The “premonition of big things” that was talked about in “Amachan”.

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In ’21, with Hiroki Shigeoka of “WEST.” on location for “#Family Wanted” (TBS). The scene was filled with laughter every time Nakano gave an NG (July 9, ’21 issue).

It is no exaggeration to say that not a day goes by without seeing information about the release of a drama or movie by Taiga Nakano.

He plays the role of Yuzo, the husband of the heroine Sairi Ito, in the TV series “Tora ni Tsubasa” (NHK), which is currently airing. Kudo Kankuro’s “Seasonless Town” (TV Tokyo), planned, directed, and written by Kudo Kankuro, which was distributed by Disney Plus last year, is on-air as a drama for the April season.’ The 26-year-old historical drama “Toyotomi Brothers! in March, in which he will play the main character Toyotomi Hidenaga.

In the July season, he will play the lead role with Eiko Koike in “Shinjuku Field Hospital” (Fuji TV), for which Kudo-kan is writing the script. It has just been announced that Takayuki Yamada and Taiga will also play the lead roles in the movie “The Eleventh Bandit,” scheduled for release this November. As if everyone had anticipated his success up to this point, the industry is now talking daily about how they are competing to see when and in what film Mr. Nakano first caught their attention (laughs)” (writer for a TV magazine).

(Laughs)” (TV magazine writer) For those who have been paying attention to Ms. Nakano since her appearance in the NHK TV series “Amachan” (first half of ’13) when her stage name was “Taiga” and she became well known, she may indeed be proud of it.

He played the role of the AD who was in charge of the floor during the scene where NON (Reina Nohni), who played Aki Kurokawa, aka “Amachan” who made her acting debut in the play as a barter for Hiroko Yakushimaru, had to dozens of nongames. The staff was amazed at his expressive performance, which could be described as a facial performance, in the small amount of time he had to appear on the show. At the time, it was not known that he was Hideo Nakano’s son, but people were talking about him, saying, “He is going to be a big star.

Last April, when the morning drama “Amachan” (first half of ’13) was being rerun, I think there were many viewers who saw his face and shouted. Even those who did not watch the show in real time were also active on SNS when it was replayed.

Speaking of SNS, it was only recently that many people “circled around” and said, “Oh, Taiga Nakano is the son of Choro (actor Hideo Nakano’s nickname),” and an Internet news story about it became a hot topic.

Nakano was well known for spreading information about Taiga on SNS, but many of his followers thought he was just “an uncle who is a fan of Taiga Nakano. When Taiga appeared on “Sukkiri” as a promotion for the July 2010 drama “Hatsukoi no Devil” (NTV), he revealed that he was not on SNS and that Nakano was an avid transmitter, but even there, many viewers did not think he was a “father”. I guess.” (Wide show director)

Speaking of “The Devil of First Love,” the director is Nobuo Mizuta. The drama “Yutori Dare Dake Naka” (NTV), in which Taiga became famous for his role as the “Yutori Monster,” was also directed by Mizuta and written by Kudo-kan.

Now, Taiga has become a top actor who has been “hand-picked” not only by Kudokan, but also by Japan’s leading scriptwriters and directors. He also appeared in the October 2006 drama “Kyo Kara I’m! (NTV), also written and directed by Yuichi Fukuda and also made into a movie, Taiga gave a good performance as a high school student with Yuma Yamoto as his younger brother.

In addition to being a so-called possession-type actor, he has the advantage of having a baby face and being small for a popular actor at 168 cm, which allows him to naturally play a wide range of roles that set him apart from other so-called good-looking actors. In fact, Takayuki Yamada, who plays the lead in “Eleven Bandits,” is named by Taiga as the actor he most respects” (editor of a movie information magazine).

On his father Nakano’s X (old Twitter), it is posted that “Eleven Pirates” will be released on November 1, and continues, “Looking forward to it~. He abbreviated “Tora ni Tsubasa” as “tiger wings,” and also rear-typed a May 25 “Dosta” (NHK) post in which his son appeared in a public live broadcast.

Taiga Nakano is now one of the top Nisei actors. We look forward to watching his success together with his father, Hideo Nakano, with whom he has a good relationship, and with X, who is full of love for his son.

In ’19, this magazine reported a “sleepover love” with Aoi Morikawa. When they were walking side by side, Morikawa’s right hand was in Nakano’s left pants pocket (December 20, 2007 issue).
They picked up a cab while cuddling and went directly to Morikawa’s apartment (Dec. 20, ’19 issue).
One night, Shioli Kutsuna (front), Kaho (middle), and Nakano (October 2, 2008 issue) came out of a hideaway cafe in Tokyo frequented by actors and stage people in a single file formation.
After leaving the cafe, the three went to a nearby shabu-shabu restaurant. Kaho left halfway through, but Nakano and Kutsuna had a good time for over two hours (October 2, ’20 issue).
At the launch of the December ’18 drama “Today I’m! (NTV) with Kentaro Ito at the launch of
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