A 25-year-old IT amateur man “abused ‘wild generation AI'” to create a ransom-type virus… Surprising motive for the crime. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A 25-year-old IT amateur man “abused ‘wild generation AI'” to create a ransom-type virus… Surprising motive for the crime.

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Suspect Hayashi, who was slumped over the entire time he was sent to the police station.

The man was first arrested in March this year. He fraudulently signed up for a cell phone SIM card using a forged ID card. When the police confiscated and examined the man’s computer and other items from his home, they found a terrible virus.

On May 27, the Cybercrime Division of the Metropolitan Police Department arrested Ryuki Hayashi, 25, an unemployed man living in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, on suspicion of creating an illegal electromagnetic record. He is alleged to have created a computer virus by abusing an “interactive generation AI” that is available free of charge on the Internet. This is the first time in Japan that an illegal virus has been created using an interactive AI.

In March last year, Hayashi used a smartphone and a personal computer to obtain design information on malicious programs through AI. Hayashi is believed to have created a ransomware virus by using smartphones and PCs to obtain information on the design of malicious programs through AI.

When infected with ‘ransomware,’ the computer and data information are locked, and a large amount of money is demanded to unlock it. There is a risk of serious damage to companies and government agencies. Fortunately, there is no evidence that the ransomware was sent from Hayashi’s computer,” said a reporter from the society section of a national newspaper.

We cannot respond to your request.”

When this magazine’s photographer filmed the transfer, Hayashi remained face down in the backseat of the transfer vehicle, perhaps out of guilt. Surprisingly, Hayashi had little knowledge of IT.

Hayashi had worked as a factory worker in the past, but he had never studied IT professionally or worked for a related company. He has no special knowledge. In other words, an IT amateur created a malicious virus and had a hand in the crime.

It is easy to create a malicious virus without specialized knowledge. The suspect, Hayashi, gave a surprising statement about his motive for the crime to the police. I thought I could do anything if I asked AI. I wanted to make money easily with ‘ransomware.

There is a high risk that similar crimes will increase in the future.

The generative AI created by major companies has a self-imposed restriction called a “guardrail” that responds, “We cannot respond to that request,” even if you ask an unauthorized question. However, the “wildly generated AI” of unknown author, which Hayashi suspects used, has no such restrictions. It can answer malicious questions. In Europe and the U.S., measures such as the AI Regulation Law are in progress, but Japan is not yet ready for such measures. An immediate response is probably needed.

The police are also investigating the performance of the AI used by Hayashi and the source of its creation.

He stated, “I thought I could do anything by asking AI.”
He said he did not have much knowledge of IT.
Using “A.I. in the wild”?
Arrested in another case and the case was revealed.
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