Anochan also pointed out…Ryota Yamasato’s limitation “If he is replaced in the next program revamp, he may be dropped from the board. ……” Testimony of a Nippon TV official. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Anochan also pointed out…Ryota Yamasato’s limitation “If he is replaced in the next program revamp, he may be dropped from the board. ……” Testimony of a Nippon TV official.

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Anochan and Ryota Yamasato, who repeatedly disses Yamasato with love, are at a critical juncture

One year after its broadcast, the first part (9:00-10:25) of “DayDay.” (NTV) topped the ’23 core viewership ratings (men and women 13-49) in the same time slot.

In the April 1 broadcast, former NHK announcer Shinichi Takeda burst into tears after hearing the new theme song by Masaharu Fukuyama, further boosting his favorable rating.

Takeda was nervous at the beginning because he could not get used to the commercial TV production. He was also confused at Nippon TV’s talk variety shows, which he occasionally appeared in as part of the program’s promotional activities. However, she was originally a very popular announcer at NHK, so her adaptability was surprisingly high. If there is a high likability among housewives, the core audience, it would be Takeda’s numbers. As for Yamachan (Ryota Yamasato of the Nankai Candies), on the other hand, I have not heard good things about him” (producer at a production company).

Yamachan was the “heavenly voice” of the entertainment corner on the former “Sukkiri” from Monday to Thursday, greeting viewers with “oohayo gozaimasu” (good morning), giving quiz questions, and “teasing” Koji Kato and the other regulars. He was highly praised for his “best friend,” Yamachan, who greeted the audience with “Ohayo gozaimasu,” gave quizzes, and “teased” the regulars, including Koji Kato.

However, since he started “showing his face,” many in the industry have said that “Yama-chan has become boring. (TBS),” “Lavit! (TBS), he manages to handle not only comedians but also idols, charismatic models, actresses, and many other performers.

But perhaps Yamachan is too conscious of the fact that it is a morning show, and the number of laughs in the studio has dropped to 10-20% of what it was during his days as “Heaven’s Voice.

The reason for the “public lecture” to Yamasato herself was that she had been co-starring in the program for six years and had offered to appear in the music video for “Chyu, Diversity,” which became a smash hit with 50 million views. The two have been collaborating on the show for six years, and he even offered to appear in the music video for “Chyu, Diversity. The musician Anochan, with whom I have had a mentor-disciple relationship, was the first to point out the importance of the relationship.

She first pointed this out when she appeared on “Out X Deluxe 2024” (Fuji TV) on January 11 this year.

She said, “[Yamasato-san] thinks too much that he is in a higher class. I think he just reads ‘DayDay.’ and stuff like that. I wish he would bite more.”

I’ve had everything too much. I’m married now, and I want people to realize that I’m a ghetto.

I hope she realizes that she’s a ghetto.” “Shouldn’t she take over as host of ‘DayDay.

Anochan’s “Yamasato dissing” never stopped. When he was married to Yu Aoi and she was attending the Osaka Broadcasting Station with their child to appear in NHK’s TV series “Boogie Woogie,” Anochan provided maximum support at home, and he also hosted “Saturday, What’ll You Do? (Kantele/Fuji TV), and his image of Yamasato as a good husband and father has changed dramatically.

Anochan, who cannot stand such a Yamasato, also appeared on “What’s Wrong with Being Awkward? (TV Asahi) on May 16, she again dissed Yamasato, saying, “He’s always bad-mouthing people,” “He knows it,” and “He hasn’t gotten nicer, but his image strategy has succeeded.

He is still struggling with his position and role on “DayDay,” and it is being conveyed to the viewers. Some female viewers have pointed out that she should have been more like “the voice of heaven,” and Nippon TV has been struggling with this point. In the first place, they were worried about Takeda alone, so they brought in Yamasato for support.

But now that Mr. Takeda has grown accustomed and his presence has increased, Mr. Yamasato’s presence is disappearing, as if in inverse proportion. Above all, it is a problem that he himself does not seem to be enjoying himself. The question of whether or not to continue to use Mr. Yamasato during the next program season is sure to come up for discussion. If the program is revamped, the question of whether or not to continue to use Yamazato-san will surely come up. If the program is revamped, there is a possibility that he will be dropped. I am sure that even Yamasato himself feels that this is a critical moment for him.

Although he has topped the core ratings, his former “comrade-in-arms” Anochan has questioned his standing as a comedian, and “comedy fans” say he has “lost his sense of humor. It’s no wonder that the voices of “comedy fans” who say that Yamasato is “no longer funny” have not reached him. Yamasato, this is the moment of truth.

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