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The Unexpected Reason Behind First Summer Uika Being Called The Next Koike Eiko

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“Koike Eiko” was mentioned as the admired celebrity.

First Summer Uika (33) continues her unstoppable streak.

Appearing regularly on various variety shows including “Talk Queens” (Fuji TV), she sometimes throws sharp retorts at big-name hosts, adding excitement to the programs. She has become an indispensable presence in the world of variety. Her co-stars such as Ota Hikari (59) of “Bakusho Mondai” and Ueda Shinya (54) of “Kuriimu Shichuu” praise her, and it seems she has gained recognition among the staff as well.

“Uika has an incredible range of talents. Even when she was still relatively unknown, she came to audition for our show, and she could join in on any topic and skillfully expand the conversation. She appears to talk recklessly, but she actually considers the timing carefully. She is highly suited for variety shows. Moreover, despite becoming so popular, her fees are not excessively high. Considering the reduced production budgets, it’s only natural that she is highly sought after by each network.” (Variety show production staff)

Uika joined a theater company in her hometown of Osaka and worked as a stage actress. After moving to Tokyo, she made her major debut as a member of the idol group “BiS,” but the group disbanded the following year. After a long period of hard work, she finally broke through, and this year she is climbing even higher.

“She is currently appearing in the NHK Taiga drama ‘To the Brilliant You.’ Uika plays an eccentric role as Sei Shonagon, the rival of the protagonist played by Yoshitaka Yuriko (35) who portrays Murasaki Shikibu. Uika is strongly associated with variety shows, but she has appeared in numerous dramas and movies as a supporting actor. She’s making a name for herself as a versatile performer. Since she appeared frequently on comedy shows, she has developed acting skills that allow her to leave a mark even among powerful actors.” (Drama production staff)

Uika demonstrates her multifaceted talent in both variety and drama. Surprisingly, from the production standpoint, she is receiving high praise as she approaches her admired figure.

“Uika has always admired Koike Eiko (43) as a figure in the entertainment industry. Her current trajectory from a variety talent to an actress follows the path Koike has taken. If she continues to gain exposure in dramas and movies, the call for ‘The Next Koike Eiko’ will only grow louder.” (Same source)

For Uika, the hot season has only just begun.

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