Sana Tanaka Wows Crowd with Captivating Sales Talk at Beauty Event Eliciting Cheers of “Beautiful!” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Sana Tanaka Wows Crowd with Captivating Sales Talk at Beauty Event Eliciting Cheers of “Beautiful!”

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GENKING. super excited at the talk event.

“I use it every day! When you spray it, it becomes so smooth. Give it a touch~” 

Said the glamorous woman as she exposed her arms to the audience. This woman is GENKING (39).

“From around 2013, he became a mysterious celebrity pretty boy on Instagram and made his first appearance on ‘Legal Counseling Center with a Line of People’ (Nippon TV) in March 2015. At that time, when asked by the cast, ‘Are you gay?’ he replied, ‘Yes!’ which instantly propelled him to fame as a gay talent.

In the same year, he made appearances on over 200 TV shows. In 2017, he underwent gender confirmation surgery, revealing his previously undisclosed age. He legally changed his gender to female on his registry and also changed his name to Sana Tanaka. Currently, he runs a beauty specialized company, producing hair care products,” says a fashion magazine editor.

On this day, GENKING was conducting a talk show at the booth of his company SANUS at the Japan’s largest international comprehensive beauty trade fair, Beauty World Japan Tokyo 2024 held at Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo, Koto Ward) from May 13 to 15.

In the afternoon of the final day, he appeared before a large crowd, starting off with his witty talk and exciting the venue with the hair care spray he claimed to have produced. Whenever the audience asked for a photo, he readily posed with a smile. Amidst cheers of “Sana-chan, you’re beautiful~!” and “Great style!” many women lined up for the hair spray applied by GENKING himself. She was beaming throughout the incredible response.

“In 2016, he opened his first shop, ‘KINGs,’ in Aoyama (Tokyo, Shibuya Ward), with the concept of a ‘comprehensive beauty shop.’ It was a three-story building entirely dedicated to the store, which caused quite a stir at the opening, but soon fell into decline. As a beauty expert, he initially faced quite a struggle,” the aforementioned editor added.

Actually, just three months after its opening, there were rumors of closure crisis surrounding “FRIDAY,” so I approached GENKING. directly. He honestly revealed the tough situation, saying, 

“Hmm, it’s tough. Sales have dropped slightly.”

When I mentioned that there were online posts suggesting closing soon, he responded, 

“It’s not that bad~. The interior costs are also cheap. We didn’t paint the walls, and the chairs and tables are IKEA ones bought for 2000 to 3000 yen. The losses weren’t to the extent of a major disaster. Originally, I didn’t open it to make money. I’m just doing what I love, so I’m not as anxious as others might think. It’ll work out somehow~. But mean articles are annoying!” 

He said with a laugh. However, the store closed later. Nevertheless, with his inherent brightness and diligence, GENKING. achieved remarkable success. We look forward to his future endeavors even more.

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Many women surrounded GENKING.
GENKING. showing off her outstanding style.
GENKING. at the time of the direct interview about his store closing crisis (February 10, ’17 issue).
GENKING. showing off her good looks on his Instagram (from @_genking_)
GENKING. showing off her good looks on her Instagram (from @_genking_)
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