Pro-Approved Jersey Styling: Discover Ano-chan’s Chic Post-Work Casual Look! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Pro-Approved Jersey Styling: Discover Ano-chan’s Chic Post-Work Casual Look!

A wide view of the entertainment world in early summer

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Half-length jersey coordinates well

Super busy subculture fashion leader in Reiwa

The jersey coordination that impressed the pros. According to her on X, “As long as I can wear it, anything is fine,” and “I even go out in pajamas.”

With large, watery eyes, bare legs extending from half-length pants, and mascots dangling all over her—Ano-chan, whom FRIDAY encountered near Shibuya Station, was fully in her element. However, what impressed a current stylist was her casual wear style.

“The jersey set from the brand ‘Kill Remote’ is adorable! It’s a connoisseur’s item costing around 40,000 to 50,000 yen for the set. Ano-chan often wears jerseys, but they suit her because she has a great figure.”

Nowadays, Ano-chan is a subcultural fashion leader, and girls who admire her are called ‘Ano-gya.’

“She has been battling critics on social media since her idol days, regularly causing a stir, which caught the attention of some TV producers. This perception was solidified with her late-night variety show ‘Ano Channel’ (TV Asahi) and her major breakthrough with the ‘Remote Ogiri’ segment on ‘Wednesday Downtown’ (TBS). Her sweet voice, quirky character, and knack for pushing the boundaries of acceptable TV talk struck a perfect balance,” said a broadcast writer.

Last year, she even performed at NHK’s Kouhaku Uta Gassen. She is in high demand as a singer as well.

That day, she headed home just before 10 PM. The taxi took her to the popular supermarket Maruetsu. Despite her relaxed image, she efficiently grabbed her groceries in less than 10 minutes. This contrast is likely the reason for her popularity.

Unpublished photo of Ano in her fashionable clothes after work.
Unpublished photograph of Ano-chan in her fashionable clothes after work.

From the May 31, 2024 issue of FRIDAY

  • PHOTO Takahiro Kagawa

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