Shimofuri Myojo Soshina Challenges Hitoshi Matsumoto After Clash with Hiroyuki Miyasako | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Shimofuri Myojo Soshina Challenges Hitoshi Matsumoto After Clash with Hiroyuki Miyasako

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Finally, Soshina from Shimpuru Myojo is said to have confronted the muscular Hitoshi Matsumoto (left).

On May 27th, Soshina from Shimpuru Myojo posted a video titled Soshina’s Revelations on his YouTube channel Soshina’s Location. Riding the wave of disclosure trends, the project aims to share his own disclosure stories. 

When it comes to Sosorin, it was on April 12th during the broadcast of Talks That Go Well with Alcohol. (Fuji Television Network),

“YouTubers, not interesting, right?”

Starting with that, they then continued by saying:

“Miyasako (Hiroyuki) and such”

They rudely dismissed Miyasako (Hiroyuki) and others, cutting them off abruptly. Even though his former partner, Higashio (Tetsuya), was in the studio, they paid no attention to that.

“He’s no longer my senior. He’s already left. He’s not a senior, just like that! But it’s okay if he’s funny.”

And they forcefully expelled those words..

Later, Miyasako appeared on his own YouTube channel, portraying an atmosphere of frustration in a “sketch-like” manner, but eventually 

“Let’s collaborate, Sosorin!”

And he proceeded with that. Meanwhile, Sosorin responded to it in a subsequent video.

“Why are you going there! They’re amateurs, so it’s not good to collaborate with them.”

And he was mocking them. 

In such an invincible state, amidst all that, the first thing he mentioned in the video this time was:

“Recently, I’ve been going to a personal gym.”

It was a very soft revelation.

Although I say going to the gym, strictly speaking, it’s a high-end training where a personal trainer comes to my home and guides me. It costs 30,000 yen per hour, and I do this luxurious training twice a week, he confessed, surprising the staff around him. He also mentioned having equipment like a balance ball and boxing gloves at home. 

However, he has told the trainer that he “doesn’t want to build muscles” and seems to focus on training aimed at improving stamina for fast-paced comedy routines, etc.

“I’m talking a lot about comedians who are honest and work out a lot, you know. People say they’re not funny. They say there’s not a single funny comedian who’s also muscular. That’s really how it is. I don’t want to become like that.” 

He spat out with sarcasm.

“When we talk about muscular comedians, we often think of Matsumoto Hitoshi from the comedy duo Downtown. Right now, he’s taking a break from his work because he’s dealing with a lawsuit involving a weekly magazine. But he really wants to get back into the entertainment industry as soon as possible.

Given his stature, depending on the outcome of the lawsuit, Matsumoto could potentially dominate the entertainment industry once again. So, even though Ryo Tamura didn’t directly name Matsumoto as boring, implying that someone referred to as a genius is dull is almost like picking a fight. Even if Matsumoto decides not to work with him again, his partner Hamada Masatoshi is still actively thriving in the industry. This indicates a considerable level of self-assurance on Tamura’s part.” (TV station insider).

In addition, he shared a story about getting upset with a senior who had been using a conference room at the Yoshimoto Kogyo headquarters without making a reservation, which he himself had booked. Listening to the story, it seems like he’s not as angry with his juniors, but rather taking a bite at the seniors.

Ryo Tamura is the first comedian in history to win both the M-1 and R-1 Grand Prix, but he seems to be constantly biting back at his seniors, almost as if saying funny people are righteous. However, no matter how talented Tamura is, if he keeps making enemies among his seniors, he’ll find himself increasingly restricted from collaborating with them, making it harder for him to continue his career.

  • PHOTO Shu Nishihara (Coarse)

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