Ziggy Marley, Producer of Bob Marley Film, Spotted Enjoying Massive Gundam Model Kit Shopping Spree in Akihabara | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ziggy Marley, Producer of Bob Marley Film, Spotted Enjoying Massive Gundam Model Kit Shopping Spree in Akihabara

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Ziggy Marley is crazy about Gunpla

“Bob Marley, the legendary reggae musician from Jamaica, whose name is known even to non-fans. His life story is depicted in the movie ‘Bob Marley: ONE LOVE,’ which premiered in Japan on May 17th. Ziggy, his eldest son, is also a reggae musician like his father and served as the producer for this film. He visited Japan for a pre-release event as a part of his duties. Known for his strong affinity for Japan, he particularly loves Japanese culture. I never knew he was a fan of Gunpla though! (laughs)” (Music Magazine Editor).

In Jamaica, it achieved the highest ever opening day box office revenue, while in the United States, it premiered at the top spot. It’s now a worldwide blockbuster, nearing the success of the biographical film ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ depicting Queen’s vocalist Freddie Mercury. 

On the eve of the premiere, Ziggy visited Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara. With a smile revealing his father’s resemblance and flashing his white teeth, he joyfully selected Gunpla. Accompanied by Japanese staff, he went on a shopping spree, buying so much that they had to carry it in both hands. At the talk event the day before, Ziggy was asked, “What is needed for reggae music to take root in Japan?”

Ziggy answered, “I think it’s about loving each other after all. In the end, it all comes  down to love.”

He spoke passionately in a voice just like his father’s, about the spirit of ONE LOVE. Next time he visits Japan, I definitely want him to sing ONE LOVE passionately at a live concert.

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Ziggy Marley’s face lights up with a smile as he stands before the Gunpla. Beside him, a store clerk holds a large Gunpla.
Ziggy Marley at the Japan premiere (from his Instagram @ziggymarley)
Ziggy Marley during live performance (from his Instagram @ziggymarley)

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