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Cancelled Drama Offers Potential for Riho Yoshioka Leading Role Career

A fresh start before summer! Despite the continued troubles with her agency's closure and the cancellation of a drama production, Riho Yoshioka was all smiles at the event.

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On April 25th, Yoshioka attended an event for the jewelry brand TASAKI and revealed her desire to travel to Mexico.

She said, “I think I’m going to have a long vacation, so I’m going on a trip!”

Riho Yoshioka (31) showed her usual lovely smile at the Dream Jumbo Lottery Ticket for Noto Peninsula Earthquake Relief launch event held on May 8, but her inner thoughts may have been complicated. The reason she was able to take time off was because the drama Tatan (NTV), in which she was scheduled to appear in April, was cancelled..

Moreover, after the cancellation was decided, the entertainment agency she belonged to, called “A-Team,” announced a suspension of its entertainment business. She wrote on her own SNS about the suspension of the agency that nurtured her from her unknown days, saying, “When I heard it, it was so sudden that honestly, I was filled with confusion, anxiety, and a sense of loss.” 


That’s why Yoshio chose her next move, which was “Flame,” where popular actresses like Toda Erika (35) and Arimura Kasumi (31) belong. 

“Since her debut, one of Yoshio’s goals has been to become the leading lady of a morning drama. She has previously tried out for several morning dramas like Amachan, and although she wasn’t chosen as the leading lady in Asa ga Kita, she appeared as a friend of the heroine’s daughter.

Flame has a strong connection with NHK, and it is rumored that Yoshio might land a leading role in a morning drama or historical drama. At 31 years old, she can’t afford to be complacent, but there are examples of leading ladies in their 30s, like Ando Sakura (38) and Shuri (33). Depending on the storyline and her determination, it’s achievable.” (Entertainment reporter for a sports newspaper)

“The old man lost his horse, but who knows if it’s a blessing or a curse?” Surely, upon returning from her refreshing trip, she’ll continue to strive towards her long-cherished goal.

From the May 31 , 2024 issue of FRIDAY

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