Practice for Practice’s Sake: ……” Hanshin’s Teruki Sato’s second consecutive drop from the second team raises concerns about “discord with Manager Okada.” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Practice for Practice’s Sake: ……” Hanshin’s Teruki Sato’s second consecutive drop from the second team raises concerns about “discord with Manager Okada.”

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Teruaki Sato (25) of the Hanshin baseball team has been humiliated by being dropped to the second team again this season, as he was last year. Some in the team are said to be concerned about a “discord” with manager Akifumi Okada (66).

The key to his fall from the second team was an error in a game against Chunichi (Toyohashi) on May 14. In the final minutes of the game, a Chunichi batter made a bunt error at the critical moment. The game should have gone all the way to the Hanshin, but Satotel failed to catch the ball on the bunt disposal, and the pinch was increased. The team lost the game in reverse order.

This angered manager Okada and infield coach Baba Toshifumi (59), who immediately dropped him from the farm after the game. The team has now committed six errors in 37 games so far this season, which is one in every two cards. If he keeps making errors at such a high pace, it will be difficult for him to be used as a starter, no matter how good a cannon he may be. In the early morning of the 15th, Satotel took the Shinkansen back to Osaka and went directly to the Naruohama Stadium, the home of the second team. He moved to an adjacent stadium and was subjected to a storm of 289 knocks,” said a source close to the baseball team.

Last year, Sato was inspired after returning from the farm and improved his performance.

Last June, too, Satoteru dropped out of the farm in the middle of a three-game series with DeNA, but the main reason was that the leaders found out that he had been relaxing in his locker during the game.

The main reason was that he was caught relaxing in his locker during a game. “Aside from his lackluster performance in both hitting and defense, manager Okada is said to be having considerable difficulty with his fast-paced personality,” said Okada. It was Satotel who named Hanshin’s goal of winning back-to-back Central League championships “Allenpa,” but that too came from a group of young players who made fun of him, saying, “Kantoku likes this kind of catchphrase anyway. Satotel complained about his demotion this time, saying, “Not again…” (The same source).

I wonder if he changed his mind after last year’s “punitive demotion. ……

The worst part of Satotel is that he is practicing for the sake of practicing. The first time I saw the team, I was in awe of how much they had worked so hard to win the championship. It’s great that he is enjoying his time off because his hard work is paying off, but he hasn’t improved his defense, which is an issue, and he hasn’t been able to hit at all. From the perspective of Okada, who was a stalwart defender during his playing days, they must have reached a level of unforgiveness.

Like former manager Akihiro Yano (55), Okada hates the current style of coaching, in which he motivates the players by giving them a ride. If things continue as they are, there is a possibility of a head-on collision.

On May 28, the professional baseball Central-Pa League interleague games begin, which Hanshin is not very good at. Will Satoteru’s name be on the line against Nippon Ham, Lotte, Rakuten, Seibu, Orix, and Softbank?

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