You can’t touch them! Even Akashiya Sanma can’t help it…Yuzuru Hanyu, Mao Asada, and Shohei Otani: “Why I can’t tease them”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

You can’t touch them! Even Akashiya Sanma can’t help it…Yuzuru Hanyu, Mao Asada, and Shohei Otani: “Why I can’t tease them”.

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Akashiya Sanma mentions a taboo in the TV world: ……

Oh, I said it. ……

It seems that the media had no choice but to scratch their heads at the “frank talk” of the “comedy monster” Akashiya Sanma.

It all started with a May 18 broadcast of Fuji Television’s “Sanma’s Comedy Improvement Committee. Nakatsugawa Gen and Somao Meatball were introduced as apprentice comedians, and Somao suddenly said

I won’t give you my right breast, but I will give you my left breast! I’ll give you my left tit!

Somao suddenly said, “I won’t give you my right breast, but I’ll give you my left! To this, Sanma responded

This was a definite fire hazard!

and stopped him. Murakami from the comedy duo “Magical Lovely” came from the dais and asked, “Is it bad for Hanyu-kun?

Is it bad for Hanyu-kun?

When Murakami, a member of the comedic duo “Magical Lovely,” asked, “Is it bad for Hanyu?

Hanyu and Mao Asada, you can’t touch them!

He continued, “You can’t touch Hanyu and Mao Asada! He continued.

And Otani. And Otani.

He then mentioned three names,

“You can’t touch them,” he said.

He said, “You can’t touch them. To this, program co-host Kazuki Iio of Zun said

Kazuki Io, a co-host of the program, said, “That’s what Tsutomu Sekine said, too. Even on stage, he said he would not touch those two (Hanyu and Asada).

He also said that he would not touch them on stage either.

Yuzuru Hanyu, Mao Asada, and Shohei Otani: Are these three really taboo?

A reporter in charge of figure skating for a sports newspaper laughed bitterly.

The news about Mr. Hanyu and Ms. Asada has been met with a tremendous response from fans,” said a reporter in charge of figure skating for a sports newspaper. When we used a close-up of a photo of Mr. Asada with his eyes half open during a cartwheel jump, they said, ‘It’s terrible to use a photo like this! Please replace it right away.

The majority of Asada’s and Hanyu’s fans are women, and they are very critical of reports that show a lack of respect.

One famous example is the fierce protests against Nikkan Sports, which broke the news of Hanyu’s retirement. Hanyu himself was supposed to announce his decision to turn pro at a later date, but the paper ran the story on its front page before he did.

This is quite normal in the “overtake or be overtaken” world of the mass media, but some Hanyu fans had a different take on it.

First of all, they said, “It’s a shame to make the announcement before Hanyu himself says so. Then, they were angry at the way the paper emphasized “retirement” rather than “turning pro,” saying, “Don’t write about it as if it’s the end! Don’t make it sound like it’s the end of his career!

Some fans called the editorial department of Nikkan Sports to protest, and some even launched a boycott campaign. You could feel the passion of Hanyu fans,” said a reporter in charge of entertainment at a sports newspaper.

Speaking of Hanyu, he married a violinist last summer, but they announced a speedy divorce only 105 days later. At that time, when Hanyu complained about the relentless coverage by some of the media, his enthusiastic fans joined him in anger and protested severely against the media.

Both Asada and Hanyu have contributed to making figure skating a major sport in Japan, and they are treated differently from other figure skaters. They are treated differently from other figure skaters. Television and newspapers are aware of the atmosphere and tend to refrain from negative coverage. It may be more a case of “self-preservation” due to fear of fans rather than a discovery. ……

On the other hand, what about Shohei Otani?

“He is different from Hanyu and Asada.

“I look forward to watching Otani’s games every morning,” said the aforementioned TV person.

How many men and women, young and old, look forward to Otani’s games every morning? The absolute number of fans is a huge difference.

In that case, positive news coverage is far more popular than negative. In the case of Ippei Mizuhara, there were suspicions at first that Otani was involved, and there were some uncomfortable moments, but in the end he was the biggest victim. In the first place, there is nothing to be stingy about.

There are many Otani fans even among media workers. A reporter in charge of major league baseball for a sports newspaper said, “I’m a fan of the reports involving Otani.

I don’t recall receiving any protests from fans about reports involving Otani. I don’t remember any protests from Otani himself either. The only one who did was Ippei Mizuhara (the defendant). He is also the contact person for the reporters, and he often called me to ask me to change the article because he was concerned about slight differences in nuance.

He would often call me to ask me to change things.

Although individual circumstances differ depending on the TV station’s intentions and the passion of the fans, it seems that Sanma’s “three people who should not be teased” were right for the time being.

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