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Pierre Taki on Terrestrial TV Return – Still Hopeless but Patient for a Profound Reason

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Pierre Taki wears a T-shirt with the title of a popular manga written in large letters. Combined with his sunglasses, he gives off a unique and intimidating impression.

In mid-April, around noon, a large man wearing sunglasses appeared in a corner of Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward office district. It was Pierre Taki (57) of Denki Groove He was wearing a black T-shirt with “Dokaben” boldly printed on the chest. Combined with his large frame and sunglasses, he exuded an overwhelming presence that was unmistakable even from a distance.

On this day, Pierre Taki, along with Takkyu Ishino (56), guest-starred on a radio show hosted by the comedy duo ‘Knights.’ After the recording, a few fans were waiting outside. When a fan hesitantly approached him, Pierre Taki glanced at them. Though the atmosphere tensed for a moment, possibly due to his mood, he responded kindly to the fan’s request. He even smiled during the commemorative photo session. One excited fan shared their experience.

“I’ve been a fan for a long time, so when I heard there was going to be a live radio broadcast, I rushed over. I thought I might never get another chance, so I asked for his autograph, and not only did he sign it, but he also agreed to a handshake and a photo. I used to think he was unapproachable in private, but now I like him even more (laughs).”

Pierre Taki was arrested and indicted in 2019 for violating drug control laws. He completely disappeared from the public eye for a time but resumed his entertainment activities in 2021. After his probation ended in 2022, he quickly began appearing in high-profile projects.

“Since his return to acting, Taki-san has appeared in popular Netflix series like ‘Sanctuary’ and ‘House of Ninjas.’ His swift comeback during his probation period shows how highly his acting skills are regarded in the industry and how much he is in demand. In March this year, he starred in the film ‘Horizon,’ his first leading role since his return. I hear he has several more streaming dramas and movies lined up, so he’s dominating everywhere except terrestrial broadcasting,” said a source from the entertainment industry.

As Denki Groove, Pierre Taki’s scandal not only led to the cancellation of their 30th-anniversary tour in 2019 but also resulted in the termination of their management contract with Sony Music Artists. However, they resumed activities at the “FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL” in 2021.

This year marks their 35th anniversary, and they have a commemorative tour scheduled for September. While his acting career is thriving, a record company insider says, “Pierre-san feels a desire to atone for betraying fans through his music activities rather than returning to terrestrial broadcasting as an actor.”

“Many fans have remained loyal despite the scandal, viewing it as a thing of the past and continuing to support him. During live performances, he sometimes jokes about his past, and fans embrace it, saying things like ‘his playfulness is amazing’ and ‘his silliness is addictive.’ It seems that Pierre-san has grown even more committed to valuing the group’s fans above all else.

Although he appeared in NHK’s serial dramas like ‘Amachan’ and ‘Totone-chan,’ giving the impression of frequent appearances on terrestrial television, in reality, this wasn’t the case. Before his arrest, he hadn’t appeared in a prime-time drama since TBS’s Sunday drama ‘Rikuoh’ in 2017. Most of his work was in narration, so I don’t think he’s in a hurry to return to terrestrial broadcasting. It will still be some time before we see him on television.”

Perhaps the god-like treatment observed by our magazine towards fans reflects Pierre Taki’s sentiments.

Pierre Taki visited for a radio recording. His presence was outstanding, perhaps because of his body shape and sunglasses. He stood out even from a distance.
Pierre Taki after the recording. When he saw a fan waiting for him, he walked up to him.
He was happy to respond to the fan’s offer.
He responded with a smile for a commemorative photo with another fan.
Pierre Taki interacting with a fan.
He even bowed to a fan as he left. It was a “divine response” that was every bit as courteous as it sounds.
  • PHOTO Ippei Hara

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