Nippon TV’s Mami Mizuto promoted to chief of staff: “Why is it always her?” Nippon TV’s female announcers are in danger of being dismembered | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nippon TV’s Mami Mizuto promoted to chief of staff: “Why is it always her?” Nippon TV’s female announcers are in danger of being dismembered

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At the end of a drinking party with NTV announcers. Mami Mizuto waves vigorously to colleagues leaving early. Keisuke Mori is on her right, and Takeshi Tanaka is on her left (2015 August 7 issue).

On May 13th, Nippon TV announced executive appointments.

Among them, Takahashi Toshiyuki, who oversees comprehensive production for programs like “Gyoretsu no Dekiru Horitsu Sodanjo” (“The Lawyers’ Office Where People Line Up”), “Ariyoshi Hansei Kai” (“Ariyoshi’s Reflection Meeting”), and the “Waratte wa Ikenai” (“You Must Not Laugh”) series, was promoted to executive officer effective June 1st. He holds the rank of S4 (NTV evaluates specialists such as directors, producers, and announcers on a scale of S4, S3, S2, S1).

Known for his planning and production work on shows like “Sekai no Hate Made ItteQ!” (“ItteQ!”) and “Getsuyou kara Yofukashi” (“Monday Late Night”), Furutachi Yoshinori has been appointed as a General Specialist at level S3. His involvement in numerous hit programs underscores the trend of well-known employees being promoted within the industry.

In this lineup, the Chief Specialist at level S2 is the announcer known as “Mito-chan,” Mami Mizuto.

“There’s been noticeable positive feedback within the industry regarding the career advancement of creators like Takahashi and Furutachi, who are respected by popular talents and directors from other networks. While Mizuto-chan has also contributed significantly to NTV through shows like ’24-Hour Television’ and ‘ZIP!’, her promotion isn’t entirely clear.”

This hesitation comes from NTV’s production staff.

“Earlier this March, Keisuke Mori, who is nine terms senior to Mizuto, became the main anchor for ‘news every.’ and currently holds the position of Lead Specialist at level S1. Comparing the two, it’s not quite clear why Mizuto was promoted to Chief. There’s a sentiment of pity towards Mori.”

Internally, there’s speculation that this move was meant to position Mizuto as the top female announcer, competing with TBS’s Ai Eto, who is said to be the most successful female announcer in the industry. However, it seems this decision has led to more serious repercussions.

“The voices asking ‘Why only Mami Mizuto?’ have started to emerge from the female announcers.” (Information program staff)

Mizuto, known for her strong sense of gratitude towards NTV, the only network where she passed the announcer exam, and her unmatched loyalty to the company, has been the subject of many articles speculating on her turning freelance. Despite this, it’s always been said, “Mizuto will never leave.”

She is also beloved by her juniors. Even when she used to eat large amounts during food reporting on “Hirunandesu!” she would organize a dinner gathering called “Mito-kai” afterward, where she would provide advice to juniors, regardless of gender. This remained consistent even after she changed her responsibilities to “Sukkiri” and “ZIP!”

“The change in her reputation began around March last year when Mito-chan married actor Renn Kiriyama. While her stance didn’t change after marrying a popular actor, it’s inevitable for jealousy towards the now even more famous Mito-chan, who received blessings from many talents. Furthermore, with her recent promotion, the question ‘Why only Mizuto?’ is being raised not only by seniors but also by juniors.” (Staff member)

Mizuto, who joined NTV in 2010, skyrocketed to fame as a big eater announcer and a plump announcer, and has since become an incredibly popular announcer, even being inducted into the “Favorite Female Announcer Ranking” (according to Oricon).

Within the company, efforts have been made to find the next Mito-chan, leading to the hiring of Miss Campus graduates, as well as announcers without experience as reader models or talents, such as Risa Ozaki (joined in 2015) and Machiko Sato (joined in 2016).

“In particular, Ozaki was marketed as the second big eater announcer on the morning program ‘Baguette,’ but she didn’t gain popularity like Mito-chan. While that may not be the reason, Ozaki announced her resignation at the end of June on her Instagram on May 19. She decided to move to Fukuoka with her husband, who is also from Kyushu, to raise children and pursue other opportunities.” (NTV employee)

Since Mami Mizuto, currently, the only NTV female announcer considered to be in high demand is Erina Iwata. However, she has been involved in talent activities since her student days, and is highly regarded by big-name entertainers such as Beat Takeshi, George Tokoro, and Sanma Akashiya, making her the most freelance-like presence.

“For the younger Z-generation announcers, both the sense of loyalty to the company, like Mizuto, and the ambition for advancement are lacking. There are also voices from senior female announcers saying, ‘Mizuto is being unfairly favored’.

This promotion for Mizuto, which could be seen as a carrot, not only recognizes her contributions but is also seen as a ‘retention strategy’ to prevent her from going freelance. However, if she is considering marriage with Renn Kiriyama and possibly starting a family, there is a good chance she may take an extended leave due to her age. In that case, the NTV Announcer’s Office would truly become fragmented.” (Previously mentioned employee)

With an air of unease permeating the company, all eyes are on Mito-chan to see how she handles the situation, both inside and outside the company.

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Risa Ozaki, who announced her resignation at the end of June (December 18, 2008 issue)
Erina Iwata, who is said to be the first “post-Mizuto” announcer.
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