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Anna Umemiya: Mother-Daughter Beauty Showcase at Event

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Anna Umemiya walks around the exhibition hall in full-body pink fashion

“At present, they talk about 40, 50 being beautiful witches, but my mom isn’t just any of that. She’s a miraculous 80-year-old with truly beautiful skin. Look, she’s over there,” said Claudia Umemiya, as the eyes of the women in the venue were collectively directed towards the elderly woman sitting in the audience seats, blushing and smiling shyly. Claudia Umemiya (80), whose husband was the late actor Tatsuo Umemiya, who passed away at the age of 81 in ’19. And the woman in full-body pink fashion on stage is their daughter, Anna Umemiya (51).

On May 15, at Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo, Koto Ward), Japan’s largest international comprehensive beauty trade show, ‘Beautyworld Japan Tokyo 2024’ (May 13-15), Anna Umemiya participated in the ‘Special Beauty Talk’ event organized by Seven Beauty Co., Ltd.

“The venue for the talk show was filled with 100 seats, all occupied by women. Anna shared stories of past photo shoots and the cosmetics she has used over the years during her talk with a photographer. In the course of conversation, Claudia’s presence in the audience was mentioned. She came with a friend who is turning 86, and their beauty and youthful skin prompted cheers like ‘Amazing! Beautiful!’ and ‘Too young~’ from the crowd. Anna also mentioned, ‘I lost 23 kilograms in the past year,’ which received a huge round of applause for her efforts,” said one of the attendees.

After the talk show ended, Anna moved to the exhibition booth and began promoting the hair oil she uses. Immediately, a crowd gathered around her. Seeing Anna’s beauty up close, women exclaimed, “Your face is so small”, “You’re beautiful and Great figure!” Some even mentioned, “I always check your social media!” Women who were interested in the oil Anna recommended were seen holding it in their hands. Anna handled the sales pitch with ease.

“Anna’s television appearances decreased due to the care of Tatsuo Umemiya, who passed away in 2019, and subsequent inheritance issues. Last year, at the age of 50, she became independent, and recently, her appearances on variety shows have increased. However, it seems that she is now mainly engaged in activities as an influencer conveying gourmet and cosmetics information,” says a women’s fashion magazine writer.

An interview article released on May 8 stated, 

“I don’t have a specific job I want to do. Honestly, I don’t have anything I want to do in the entertainment industry anymore. I’ve done everything I can. Now that I have my own agency, I’m flexible, and I’m thinking about what ‘Anna Umemiya’ wants to convey to the world.” 

Additionally, Anna is currently hooked on women’s ice hockey and is said to be engaging in quite intense physical activity every day. Despite being plagued by various scandals in the past, this relaxed approach to life may also be a factor that garners support from women.

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Anna Umemiya walking at the event venue
Anna Umemiya in youthful fashion (from her Instagram @annaumemiya)
A youthful Anna Umemiya (from her Instagram @annaumemiya)
A youthful Anna Umemiya (from her Instagram @annaumemiya)

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