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The two celebrities that mentalist DaiGo couldn’t forgive for his flaming rant

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DaiGo, who was suspended in July this year after coming under fire for his comments, relaunched his YouTube channel in November to talk about the controversy (Photo: Jiji Press)

The mentalist DaiGo is in high spirits.

Speaking of DaiGo, in July, he made a live YouTube broadcast in which he told a needy man that he would not take a life that was not necessary for him.

I don’t care about the lives of the homeless. I don’t care about the lives of the homeless.
They’re in my way. You’re in my way, you smell bad, and you’re making the city unsafe.

I don’t care about the lives of the homeless. He apologized, retracted, and was forced to suspend his activities.

He apologized, withdrew his statement, and was forced to suspend his activities. However, the paid membership site “D-Lab” was reopened within a month after the uproar. Her own YouTube channel was also reactivated in November.

Some people on the Internet said it was too soon, but on the 5th of this month, he had a YouTube conversation with Yuta Misaki, a businessman known as the “Prince of Green Juice.

When Mr. Misaki asked him about the series of flare-ups, DaiGo said

When asked by Mr. Misaki about the series of flare-ups, DaiGo replied, “I genuinely felt bad about what I said, but I was drunk. That day, we had a wine party before the broadcast, and I had two bottles of wine, and for some reason, I opened another bottle while we were broadcasting.

He confessed for the first time. Indeed, looking back at the video, DaiGo’s face seemed to be more aglow than usual, and his talk was more aggressive than usual.

DaiGo explained that he had a theory that it was wrong for the taxes he pays every day to be used to kill animals such as dogs and cats, and that he had complained about it under the influence of alcohol. Mr. Misaki responded to this by saying

Mr. Misaki chided him, saying, “You can’t deliver a message when you’re drunk.

Mr. Misaki chided him.

On the other hand, “DaiGo style” came back. On TV information programs and wide shows, MCs and commentators slammed the riot and blamed DaiGo for it. In response, DaiGo said

In response, DaiGo said, “Among the people who criticized me, there is a celebrity who has a record of lewdness, assault, and assault, and an MC of a noon show who has a record of drunk driving. How can you say that when you know what it’s like to be beaten?”

He pointed out. Although he avoided naming names, the “celebrity with a record of lewdness, assault, and assault” was probably Hideo Higashikokubara. At the time, Higashikokubaru wrote about DaiGo on Twitter

A definite lack of awareness of basic human rights. I guess he is essentially a eugenicist.
It’s not going to be easy for him to reflect and correct himself. I think she should receive counseling from a specialist.

I think he should receive professional counseling.

In addition, “the MC of a certain noon show who has a history of being caught for drunk driving” is thought to refer to Shinobu Sakagami of “Viking More” (Fuji TV). Sakagami has also been arrested for drunk driving. Sakagami also said in the same program

Sakagami also said on the same program, “I wonder if I can get away with just an apology. That’s the extent of the problem. He is ignorant of the most important part. I think there is a big price to pay.

I think the price is huge.

Normally, after causing such an uproar, they would keep quiet for a while, but I guess they still couldn’t ignore it. For a while, it was rumored that he was going to be banned from his YouTube channel for his derogatory remarks, but he seems to have gotten over that and is back to his “normal” routine, so to speak. (Sports journalist)

DaiGo’s main sources of income are advertising on YouTube, including clippings, and the aforementioned “D-Lab. Lab. The latter has a large number of members, with the light plan costing 824 yen a month (excluding tax) and the premium plan 1,200 yen (same).

The latter plan costs 824 yen per month and the premium plan costs 1,200 yen. He doesn’t need to force himself to appear on TV anymore. He doesn’t need to force himself to appear on TV anymore, and he doesn’t need to pay attention to big-name celebrities. If he has fully reflected on what he said, he will be able to go on with his activities as before.

It is true that what DaiGo said to the two celebrities makes a certain amount of sense. This is the true strength of the mentalist DaiGo…

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