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Masaharu Fukuyama’s Serious Expression on Location for “Galileo

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While huge events such as rock festivals have been forced to cancel due to the Corona disaster, parks in Ibaraki Prefecture were bustling with activity. The park was lavishly decorated with balloons and lined with kitchen cars and food stalls around the outdoor stage. The crowd was well over 100 people. To prevent heat stroke under the blazing sun, 500㎖ bottles of water were being handed out to the participants.

In the midst of such shitty heat, there was a man chatting and laughing, wearing all black.

Fukuyama is on his way to a rest stop in between filming. “It is whispered that Kou Shibasaki and other big-name guests will appear on the show.

It was Masaharu Fukuyama, 52. After chatting with a man beside him, Fukuyama walked toward the center of the stage with a parasol.

“I’m not at an event, I’m on location for a movie. They were filming “Parade of Silence” (to be released in 2010), the third movie version of the popular “Galileo” series starring Fukuyama. Galileo,” in which Fukuyama plays Yukawa, a genius physicist who solves difficult cases, started as a drama series in 2007, and the average viewer rating exceeded 20%. The movie versions have all been huge hits with box office revenues of over 3 billion yen. In particular, the second film, “Equation in Summer,” ranked first among Japanese films (live-action) in 2001. It can be called Fukuyama’s masterpiece” (producer of a key station).

The only thing I’m wondering is why there was a gap of eight years between his last film and this one.

“I guess they were worried that Yukawa’s image would become too strong. However, since he got married in 2003 and became a father, Fukuyama has not had any major hits. I’m sure he’s really into it this time.

Will he be able to overcome this critical moment with his biggest hit?

Masaharu Fukuyama’s “Galileo” on location on high alert – a critical moment for the biggest hit movie of all time!

From “FRIDAY” September 3, 2021 edition

  • Photo by Ryu Yoshino

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