Murdering his wife in a love hotel…the dangerous fugitive life of a suspect with a “700 million yen debt | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Murdering his wife in a love hotel…the dangerous fugitive life of a suspect with a “700 million yen debt

The suspect, Yuki Nakamura, 44, a builder in Hyogo Prefecture, consulted his acquaintances. After the crime, he said, "I killed my wife. I'm a murderer, even though we decided together.

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“Early in the morning at about 6:30 a.m., I suddenly received a line that said, ‘Oh,’ and I thought it was strange. I thought it was strange. After a while, he sent another message to …… saying, ‘I killed him. It seems that he sent the same message to several acquaintances, and some of them were worried and called him, but he just said, ‘I killed him,’ and hung up immediately.

Nakamura is said to have been living a life of extravagance, using a black card in the name of his company, while behind the scenes he had a large amount of debt.

On November 23, Yuki Nakamura, 44, a construction worker from Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, was arrested for killing his wife at a love hotel near an interchange in Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. The method of murder has not been revealed, but the cause of death is believed to be asphyxiation.

After the crime, Nakamura sent a LINE message to several acquaintances. The content of the message, “Even though it was decided by the two of us, it is a murder,” could be taken as an attempt to commit suicide. In the background of the incident, there seemed to be a huge debt problem that the suspect was facing.

Nakamura was originally a delinquent from Kyoto, and after earning money by running a black money business, he set up a construction company in Hyogo. At one time, the company was so profitable that it opened branches in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. His home was a luxury apartment in Amagasaki City, and I heard that the rent was over 200,000 yen. He drove around in luxury cars such as Mercedes Benz, Countach, and Lexus, and wore brand-name clothes. Around June of this year, he started renting an apartment in Okinawa, where he often went and played golf.

I think he got married to his wife about four years ago. He wanted to show off his beautiful wife, so he took her everywhere with him. His wife also often wore brand-name, colorful, body-con like clothes. Seeing the two of them together, people around them were impressed, saying, ‘How can they live such a lavish life?

However, behind their luxurious life, the management of the company seems to have come to a standstill. However, behind the luxurious lifestyle, the management of the company seemed to have come to a standstill,” said an acquaintance of the suspect.

However, behind the luxurious lifestyle, the company’s management seemed to be at a standstill. It seems that he had borrowed a lot of money from gray areas like black money, and about 10 days before the incident, he became frightened, saying, ‘I’m going to be killed,’ ‘I’m going to be kidnapped,’ and ‘I have to run away. I heard that his total debt was nearly 700 million yen.

His acquaintances around him encouraged him to ‘talk with his creditors and think of a way to get back on his feet,’ but he really ran away. I don’t know if he was actually being chased or what kind of fugitive life he was leading, but I guess the last time he went to Numazu was because his wife’s parents lived nearby and he knew the area well.”

Just before he went on the run, Nakamura reportedly told an acquaintance that he wanted to commit suicide. Was he really trying to commit suicide?

About two years ago, he got into trouble for domestic violence against his wife. It is also unnatural that he sent a one-sided message to several acquaintances, and perhaps the crime was the end of an argument over debts,” said another acquaintance.

After the crime, Nakamura reported it to the police himself. After the crime, Nakamura reported the incident to the police and gave a statement to the effect that he had killed her with her consent. The police are carefully investigating the motive of the crime, including the credibility of the statement.

A line sent to an acquaintance after the crime, which was suddenly sent at around 6:30 in the morning. The suspect Nakamura reported the incident himself and was arrested.
The love hotel near the Numazu interchange where the incident occurred. It was near his wife’s parents’ house.
The luxury condominium in Amagasaki City where the suspect lived. He also rented a condominium in Okinawa, where he frequently went back and forth and played golf.

From the December 17, 2021 issue of FRIDAY

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