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Ex-beach volleyball player Kaho Sakaguchi joined rugby player Matsui in November!

They met through an introduction by an acquaintance and started living together last fall.

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Matsui and Sakaguchi talked about the beginning of their relationship in a direct interview. They look so happy that I envy them!

In the early afternoon of December, when the withering of the trees was beginning to blow, a luxury car pulled up at a condominium in Kanagawa Prefecture. The man who got out of the car was a handsome, muscular man who looked to be about 180 cm tall. He is 27 years old and plays for the Yokohama Canon Eagles, a rugby league team. He was apparently on his way home from a practice session.

Matsui is the fastest wing in Japan, and is recognized by speedster Fukuoka Kenju (29) as ‘unbeatable. He was the captain of Japan’s 7-man rugby team at the Tokyo Olympics and led the team. He returned to the 15-man rugby team in December of this year. Expectations are rising for him to be a player who will support the future of the Japanese rugby world.

Matsui picked up Sakaguchi at the nearest station.

It was around four o’clock in the evening when Matsui reappeared. He went to the roundabout of the nearest station. There, he picked up a beautiful woman with healthy wheat-colored skin. The car carrying the two went to the apartment building. I wondered who this beautiful woman was.

This is Kaho Sakaguchi (25), a former beach volleyball player who retired on the first of this month. She is a former beach volleyball player who retired on the first of this month. She was popular as the ‘new beach fairy’ when she was active with her cute looks. In fact, I heard that the two had already entered the marriage ceremony in mid-November,” said an acquaintance of the two.

On another day, after practice, Matsui went to the nearest station to pick up Sakaguchi at the same time. Sakaguchi got into the passenger seat with an air of familiarity, and they exchanged a conversation with smiles.

They must have been enjoying their newly married life. I interviewed them directly as they returned to their home.

Matsui and Sakaguchi are entering their home.

–This is Friday. We heard that you got married.

Sakaguchi: “(To Matsui) It’s Friday-san. Hmmm… …… (laughs)”

Matsui: “Ah (laughs).”

–You haven’t made it public yet, have you?

Matsui: “That’s right.

Sakaguchi: “It’s not that I was hiding it. Sakaguchi: “It’s not that I’ve been hiding it. I thought I’d wait until after I’d greeted all the people who’ve helped me.

— “What was the beginning of your relationship?

Sakaguchi: “Hahahahaha (laughs).”

–We didn’t have any contact, did we?

Matsui: “I found out about her on TV and thought I’d like to get to know her. I had an acquaintance who knew her, so she introduced me to her.

–When did you do this?

Matsui: “I don’t know when I did it, but it was about three years ago.”

Sakaguchi: “Mm-hmm.”

–When did you start dating?

Matsui: “That’s when we started dating.

–Are you happy?

Matsui and Sakaguchi: “We are happy (looking at each other with a smile).

–What kind of activities do you plan to do in the future?

Sakaguchi: “I’m still searching. I was also an athlete, so I plan to support my husband in terms of diet.

Matsui: “Just because I’m retired doesn’t mean I want you to concentrate on supporting me. I want you to do what you want to do. She is a person who can communicate many things, so I hope that we can improve each other in different jobs.

The two have decided to “try” marriage. I wish them many years of happiness!

I wish you many years of happiness!
A wonderful couple shot!
  • Photo Yuri Adachi

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