The secret of Riho Yoshioka’s “overwhelming charm” after being chosen as the host of “The Japan Record Awards” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The secret of Riho Yoshioka’s “overwhelming charm” after being chosen as the host of “The Japan Record Awards”

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The photo book handover event was attended by not only male but also female customers.

Japan Record Awards” will be held on December 30. Japan Record Awards” on December 30 for the second year in a row. Yoshioka also appeared in the movie “Shimamori no To” (released in 2010), which depicts the lives of Shimada Akira, the governor of Okinawa Prefecture, and Arai Senzo, the head of the prefectural police department, at the end of the Pacific War. She plays the important role of Governor Shimada’s aide.

Yoshioka is a host, actress, and gravure idol, and has demonstrated a wide variety of talents. What is the secret behind her charm?

Her high popularity was evident at a photo book event held in Shinjuku, Tokyo in July 2006. As many as 1,000 fans gathered at the event. Yoshioka appeared in a red one-piece dress, yet she didn’t show a single sign of fatigue.

Yoshioka-san is a hard worker. Influenced by his father who was a cameraman for a video company, he taught himself to act in high school. When he was in college, he traveled back and forth between his parents’ house in Kyoto and his lessons in Tokyo. She is an actress who can compete not only with her looks but also with her acting ability.

An overwhelming smile for fans waiting to see her

As her popularity was on the rise, male fans rushed to see her. Photo taken in August 2006.

On a night in August 2006, Yoshioka was seen at an event hall in Yurakucho, Tokyo. She played the heroine in the movie “Turn Up the Volume, Octopus! I don’t know what you’re singing at all! for which she was the heroine.

At 8:30 p.m., Yoshioka walked out of the backstage entrance and got into a pickup car, smiling at the excited fans waiting to see her.

He said, “I’ve been working in small theaters since I was a teenager, and I’ve had a long hard time. He has been working in small theaters since he was a teenager, so he has had a long and difficult life, and that’s why he takes his fans very seriously. In the movie, you can see that he is also a very talented singer” (TV magazine writer).

Yoshioka is an all-around performer, and her rapid progress is unlikely to stop in 2010.

Yoshioka with her co-star Abe Sadawo during a break in filming.
At the launch of a new body soap product in July 2005.
At the Japan Jewelry Best Dresser Awards ceremony held in February 2007.
Tears at the funeral of Akio Ogasawara, president of A-Team.
As his popularity was soaring, male fans rushed to the scene. She left in a somber atmosphere.
At the “Elander Prize” award ceremony held in February 2006.
  • Photography Takao Kawakami, Sota Shima, Kazuhiko Nakamura, Keisuke Nishi, Shinji Hasuo Photo Yoshio Tsunoda / Afro Afro

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