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Threats of Exposure Follow Alleged Intrusion and Assault by 45-Year-Old Man in His 20s

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Arrested suspect Nitta

Pointing his smartphone at the frightened woman on the bed, the man threatened her, saying, 

“If you report it, I’ll expose your picture on the Internet!”


On May 13th, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s First Investigation Division arrested Mitsuru Nitta (45) of unknown occupation in Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture, on suspicion of indecent assault and home invasion. He allegedly touched a woman in her 20s, identified as Ms. A, who resides in Nerima Ward, Tokyo.

“The incident leading to the arrest occurred in the early hours of May 1st. Nitta allegedly entered Ms. A’s ground-floor apartment through an unlocked front door. While Ms. A was asleep, she noticed a noise, and Nitta allegedly pointed his smartphone at her, threatening to expose her photos online if she reported him. He then allegedly pushed her onto the bed and committed indecent acts.

It seems that Nitta had romantic feelings for Ms. A. About a week before the incident, in late April, Nitta coincidentally encountered Ms. A at a nearby convenience store and began following her. It is believed that he had previously scoped out Ms. A’s apartment.” (National newspaper social affairs reporter)


Why did he turn himself in to the police station?

Twelve days after the incident, suspect Nitta voluntarily presented himself to the Nerima Police Station of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, explaining the reason as follows:

“I felt like I was being followed by police officers. I became anxious about when I would be arrested and couldn’t bear it anymore.”

While admitting to entering Ms. A’s room, Nitta denies part of the allegations, stating,

“I just wanted to see the sleeping woman in her underwear. I did not engage in any indecent acts.”

Nitta’s surprising claims left observers astonished. When photographers from this magazine captured images of him being taken into custody, he kept his head bowed.

It goes without saying that women living alone need to take ample precautions. Apart from locking the door, keeping a personal alarm handy and other preventive measures are crucial.

“If you report me, I’ll expose you!” (Some of the photos have been edited.)
He denied some of the charges, saying he just wanted to look at her underwear.
12 days after the incident, he turned himself in (some photos have been edited)
He was always looking down when he was arrested (some photos have been edited).
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