Sharapova’s “Bold White See-Through One-Piece Outfit” Delights Fans! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Sharapova’s “Bold White See-Through One-Piece Outfit” Delights Fans!

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Maria Sharapova, the former world number one in women’s tennis and known as the “Fairy of the Tennis World,” has been attracting a lot of attention with her “see-through super mini dress” on her Instagram account. It’s a beautiful, gorgeous, fabulous dress. This is the first time I’ve ever seen her in a dress.

There were three photos that Sharapova released. She was wearing a see-through mini dress. The dress is boldly open at the chest, showing off a healthy amount of breast. The legs peeking out from the mini-skirt are also superhuman. The former top athlete’s legs are full of muscle and look like birds. The glittering pin-heeled shoes also make her calves look even fuller.

The first photo was taken from the front. She is standing with one foot in front of the other. As expected of a woman whose beauty has captivated the world, she looks picturesque even when she is just standing there.

The material of this dress that Sharapova is wearing is kind of strange. It seems to be terra firma, thin, what the heck is this ……!

It’s actually a dress made from recycled plastic bottles of Evian, the world’s leading mineral water. According to her Instagram, the dress was “handcrafted over 800 hours by couture brand Iris Van Herpen”. That being said, the white, red, and blue colors of the dress look vaguely like Evian’s bottle. It’s a very eco-friendly outfit!

Sharapova seems to be enjoying her post-retirement life, recently taking a trip to Europe. It is said that she and her husband are planning to enter the business world in earnest. I wonder what she will do next. We can’t take our eyes off her any more. ……!

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