Even if the main MC is handed over to a junior member…TV TOKYO “WBS” caster Mariko Oe is found in “Nihonbashi”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Even if the main MC is handed over to a junior member…TV TOKYO “WBS” caster Mariko Oe is found in “Nihonbashi”!

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She was walking and chatting with a man who appeared to be a reporter.

One evening in the early summer heat, I spotted Mariko Oe, 45, a caster of “World Business Satellite” (TV Tokyo, hereafter WBS), near the Bank of Japan in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. She was wearing a white one-piece dress and a black jacket. She was carrying a tote bag over her shoulder and a notebook PC under her arm. She went out into the street, caught a cab, and drove off.

On that day, the Bank of Japan’s monetary policy meeting was held, followed by a press conference by Governor Ueda. Mr. Oe was probably there for an interview. At that time, there was a lot of attention on whether the Bank of Japan would bring forward an additional interest rate hike in response to the weakening of the yen, or whether Governor Ueda would make a statement that would suggest such a move. The “WBS” program that Oe is in charge of this evening also covered the yen depreciation issue extensively, so she must have returned to the station for the broadcast afterwards” (reporter from a business newspaper).

Caster Oe’s popularity has not waned, as she was consistently ranked in the top 10 in Oricon’s “Favorite Female Announcer Ranking,” from the 7th edition in 2010 to the 20th edition last year. However, the renewal of this spring’s program drew attention when Yuka Aiuchi (38), who had been the main MC of “WBC” for 10 years as the signature announcer, handed over the job to her. Currently, she is in charge of the “weekend edition” of the program on Fridays only.

She has also worked on “Dekago! Admochi Tengoku” and “Moya Moya Samaaz 2,” but at the height of her popularity in 2001, she was transferred to the New York bureau, surprising her fans. After returning to Japan the following year, she was transferred from the announcing office to the news bureau and became the main anchor of “WBS. It may be that at the 10-year milestone, he has retired from being the “face” of the program, and will now work on the production side of the program, such as reporting.

In the same year that she became the anchor of “WBS,” Ms. Oe married Mr. Dai Matsumoto (60), the chairman of Monex Group, and although it is difficult to get a picture of their married life because both of them are busy people, they seem to be getting along well. It is also reported that Matsumoto’s company’s stock has doubled in value in the past six months, with a valuation of 22 billion yen. I think that both his public and private life are going well.

Caster Oe was busy with her interviews on the day of the interview. It is likely that she will show us a more “evolved” appearance from this spring.

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He also had an umbrella in his hand due to the questionable weather that day.
Currently, he is in charge of “WBS” only on Fridays. She is the “face of the weekend.

She was ranked 5th in last year’s “Favorite Female Announcer Ranking,” up one rank from the year before last.
She quickly picks up a cab and drives away. She probably has a lot of work to do before the evening show.
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