Christel Takigawa gets her hair done and super refreshed at a “popular beauty salon”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Christel Takigawa gets her hair done and super refreshed at a “popular beauty salon”!

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Aoyama 1:20 p.m.

Takihyo came back from the hair salon with a refreshed look on her face. She put her child in the car and drove away.

In early November, I spotted a celebrity-looking woman on a main street in Shibuya Ward, lined with boutiques and famous restaurants. It was Christel Takigawa (44). She parked her beloved Mercedes Benz in a parking lot on the street and walked with her first son, who was born last year, pushing a stroller. The destination was a beauty salon.

The salon is owned by a famous hairdresser who is highly trusted by actresses Kuroki Hana and Maeda Atsuko, and Takihuri is a regular customer. This summer, it was reported that she and her husband, Shinjiro Koizumi, visited the salon for a haircut.

An hour later, a young man who looked like a staff member came out of the salon and went to Takihuri’s Mercedes Benz. He reset the parking meter and put in the fee.

A few minutes later, Takihikuri left the beauty salon pushing a stroller with her beloved son on it and got into her car. Her husband, who was once called a “candidate for future prime minister,” has now lost all centripetal power. However, Takikuri’s celebrity is still alive and well when she gets her hair cut at a famous beauty salon and has its staff do the parking for her.

Takigawa Christel, a celebrity in Aoyama, was spotted in a cut not published in this magazine.

From “FRIDAY” December 17, 2021 issue

  • Photography Ippei Hara

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