Shin-Ae Ahn’s “Bold Green Over-the-Knee Skirt” Delights Fans…! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Shin-Ae Ahn’s “Bold Green Over-the-Knee Skirt” Delights Fans…!

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Korean professional golfer Shin-Ae Ahn, known as the “sexy queen,” has been attracting a lot of attention for her Instagram account, where she showed off her “pale green super miniskirt. She has been receiving a lot of comments on her Instagram account, such as “lovely,” “beautiful,” “Angel,” and “beautiful legs.

She was wearing a white long-sleeved collared shirt. She was wearing a light green vest over a white long-sleeved collared shirt. Underneath, she is wearing a light green miniskirt. The white sneakers she’s wearing give her a very sporty look.

Ann is posing as she turns around while walking. She is wearing short hair now, but it was long when she was photographed, and the way it is blowing in the wind is gorgeous. Anne is smiling gently at something with her mouth closed. I wonder what’s beyond her eyes. ……

By the way, the clothes are very tight, and Anne’s beautiful body line stands out. This is something Anne is very particular about, and she once said, “I like tight clothes that show the line of my chest beautifully. She said, “I feel more confident when I wear beautiful clothes and play in the clothes I like.

And then there is the Adidas three-line logo on her chest. In fact, Anne has a contract with Adidas Korea, and her Instagram is full of posts of pictures of herself in Adidas clothes. In the past, she has also posted videos of herself being made up in a full-fledged studio before a photo shoot wearing Adidas clothes.

She was also used as a model for Adidas Golf’s Fall/Winter 2019 collection. It was a great choice, as professional models are usually used in such situations. Ann is no longer just a professional golfer, she is also expanding her career as a model.

She has also signed a sponsorship contract with the cosmetic brand OSEQUE and the JT Parent Savings Bank, and has been attracting attention as a billboard. Now all she has to do is get results in her main business, golf! I’m counting on you next year, Ann. ……!

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