32-Year-Old Woman Arrested for Making 95 Million Yen from Indecent Videos with Fiancé | FRIDAY DIGITAL

32-Year-Old Woman Arrested for Making 95 Million Yen from Indecent Videos with Fiancé

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Suspect Itabashi trying to hide his face with his hands

A woman covers her face with her hands all the time in front of the photographer of this magazine, and a man keeps looking down with his hat on his head. The couple is alleged to have posted an uncensored obscene video on a social networking service.

By May 14, the Metropolitan Police Department’s Security Division had arrested Naomi Itabashi (32), unemployed, and Nobutoshi Kiri (29), self-employed, on suspicion of displaying indecent electromagnetic records. They were said to have made huge profits from uncensored videos of themselves in the act.

The indecent videos and photos that triggered their arrest were posted over a two-and-a-half-year period from November 2009 to March this year. The number of items amounted to more than 3,000. Itabashi and others posted abridged versions of the videos on X (formerly Twitter). They directed people to a paid subscription site where they could view the full-length videos. It is estimated that the revenue they raked in amounted to 95 million yen.

Itabashi, Kiri, and himself appeared in the video. It appears that Kiri filmed the videos and Itabashi posted them on SNS. They told the police that they are engaged to be married.

Itabashi admitted the crime and said after his arrest: “I knew it was a crime, but I kept on posting.

He admitted the crime and said after his arrest: “Even though I knew it was a crime, I continued to post the information. I continued posting because I wanted to earn money to pay off my debts and to make ends meet. (I thought we wouldn’t get caught because many other people were doing the same thing.

The two suspects, who had hidden their faces from the press after their arrests, had nearly 60,000 followers on social networking sites, while disclosing their acts uncensored to a large number of people.

Posting uncensored videos of himself doing his own acts (some photos have been doctored)
The company has earned about 95 million yen from the obscene video (some photos have been modified).
He has been publicly showing his true face on SNS (some photos have been modified).
Kiri, who is said to be engaged to Itabashi (photo has been partially redacted)

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